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60s & 70s Vintage Porn Magazines

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It is not possible to make a complete inventory of our stock, this part of the site is designed to give you an idea of Vintage Porn Magazines & Titles that we can locate for you, so if you are looking for something special just send us your SPECIAL REQUEST. We do have a larger inventory of Vintage Adult & Porn Magazines.

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About 60s & 70s Retro Porn Magazines :

In the 1940's and 1950s, France was known for the naughty little men's magazines one could buy from under the counter. When our grand-parents were students, they would get an older fellow to go to a bookstore and buy forbidden men's magazines such as "Paris Hollywood".

As a whole the French used to call those sort of nudes : "studies" or "nus académiques", which was of course very hypocritical. Oh, they were so wicked, the nude models who enchanted our elder parent's school days. And more than one of them got caught by their history teacher, for example when a "Paris-Hollywood" was changing hands during one of his lessons.

Scandinavian Publishers own the porn magazines industry since the 1960s, when pornography has been legalized in Denmark and Sweden & later in Germany. Again and again pornography is labeled as a "cultural disgrace". Those Danish porn magazines publishers thought that is an absurd allegation, when one thinks that all of the large higher cultures of the Earth presented sex in picture a few thousand years ago. Not only should you think about Danish sex but one only has to think about the Indian or the Chinese. At that time these presentation had not only the purpose of making the observer happy, but sex was a more important area of life than art, in which the young inexperienced people had to be adequately introduced.

But even in more prudish times famous artists were not adverse to painting the naked body in seductive poses and their rich, titled clients were not shy about pointing it out. What changed in the 1960s is that Hardcore Pornography - thus porn magazines - finally became legal in some European countries.

Hardcore pornography is a form of pornography that features explicit sexual acts. The term was coined in the second half of the 20th century to distinguish it from softcore pornography. It usually takes the form of photographs, often in magazines, or films but it may also appear as a cartoon. Since the 1990s it has been distributed widely over the internet. While both softcore and hardcore feature extensive nudity and sexual situations with the intention of arousing the viewer, the key difference between softcore and hardcore is that softcore does not include the following elements: shots of an erect penis, shots of actual penetration (vaginal, anal and/or oral), and shots of ejaculation. Generally (although not always), sexual acts in softcore are simulated, while the appeal of hardcore is that the acts themselves are obviously real. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Hardcore Pornography].

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