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AJA Bisexual Affair
Anal 15
Anal Sex 75
Backdoor Lovers 4
Foxy Lady 49
Lesbian Love 24
Pleasure 105
Rodox 54
Sandwich 3
Sex O'M 75
The Good Bi Girls


Please take a look at our selection of Porn Magazines Featuring Pornstar AJA.

AJA Porn Magazines Gallery :

sexstar AJA
porn star AJA
AJA in color climax


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About AJA :

In a vintage men's magazine, pornographic actress AJA said ;"I like a cock i can hold onto with a firm grip while my tongue teases the pee-hole and my lips kiss the shaft... I'm proud to be millions porn magazines collectors' favorite sex toy, knowing that they're looking at me and getting hot is such a turn-on...".

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Buyers Comments :

Milo from Heartsend S.D wrote:

Sirs, I am writing to confirm I received my last order from yurmag. I have, as you know from my previous orders been concentrating on bisexual and Lesbian vintage porn magazines. I was so excited to find a complete magazine in such incredibly good condition and showing Aja in a bisexual shoot! Nothing but Aja, this was such a great find for me. My hands were actually shaking as I opened the last package from you guys it has been a lot like christmas around here since I found you guys. Aja is one of my favorites but finding her magazines had been really difficult for me in the area I live in. I wanted to thank you for your patience in helping me find exactly what I needed to fill out my magazine collection which is by no means complete, but certainly a great source of pride and pleasure for me. Aja is the anal queen and I suppose best known for that, so finding her lesbian/bi magazines has been no easy task for you and would have been impossible for me. Thank you so much for really working with me in this and I look forward to the next ones you find for me!

Milo, It has been a pleasure working with you and we have really enjoyed finding the quality and type of magazine you want. Aja did not do as many bisexual and lesbian shoots as others but what she did were smoking hot. This is not only our business but our passion and we stand ready to assist you at any time you need only send in your wish list and we will definitely do our best to help you in filling it. If we can't find it they probably did not print it be sure and check Yurmag.com For Your Vintage Porn Magazines

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My Fav AJA Porn Movies :

The Maltese Phallus (1991) The lovely Cara Lott hires private Dick Jerry Butler and Don Fernando in this decently directed mystery from the old Venus 99 studios. Cara and Aja really stand out in this one, and perky Renee Morgan is her usual self even in the formidable presence of Sean Michaels. With nubian one hit wonder beauties Iesha and cult favorite black star SADE, who almost steals this film from her co stars- she’s perfect! Very well directed and a must for Aja, Sade, and Cara Lott fans.

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