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Lesbian Love 18

Ali MOORE Porn XXX Magazines

Please take a look at our selection of classic Pornstar Ali MOORE Porn XXX Magazines. She was great in Caught from Behind 3 & she was redhot in love bites, nice hot body, Ali started doing porn right after we graduated high school, that probably explain her school girl style. I read an interview of her in an adult magazine once and she claimed she didn't like men, curious since she performed only a few times with women.

Also DO NOT hesitate to ask details regarding Ali MOORE Nude Pics or XXX Pictures that are featured in those Vintage XXX Magazines or eventually more mags.


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Ali MOORE Porn Magazines Gallery :

Ali MOORE porn magazine cover
pornstar Ali MOORE lesbian sex

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About Ali MOORE :

Pornstar Ali MOORE worked in the porn business from 1984 until 1986, appearing in almost 30 movies. Her innocent charisma instantly set her apart from the older, more hardened pornstars of the day. Ali MOORE's youthful exuberance and undeniable gift for arousal are at their best in her starring role in 1985's 'Naughty Cheerleaders,' where she plays a cheerleader who is led into the world of adult sexuality by the likes of rock manager Paul Thomas and Ron Jeremy at his sleazy best.

Other career highlights include Ali MOORE's sizzling sapphic sex bout with Bunny BLEU in 'Hot Tails' and her fabulous turn as a rich young bitch in the summer camp sexvid 'Gettin' Ready'. PornStar Ali MOORE was a youthful looking young strumpet who specialized in portraying young girls undergoing their sexual awakening. She had the wide eyed, pouty-mouthed face and the small-breasted, tight-bottomed body of a teenager. Ali's sweet-faced appeal melted the hearts of all who saw her, just as her red-hot sexuality turned them irresistibly on.

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