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Anal Sex

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ANAL SEX by Color Climax Vintage Porn Magazines

Please take a look at our selection of ANAL SEX by COLOR CLIMAX Vintage Porn Magazines. The title says it all, plus plenty of pussy action but these guys always end up at the backdoor squeezing their cocks into cute asses. THE ORIGINAL WORLD-FAMOUS ANAL MAGAZINE. Hardcore anal reality sex magazine with hot pictures including first time butt fucking whores getting plowed in the ass by massive cocks!

ANAL SEX Porn Magazines Gallery (more Here) :

color climax ANAL SEX
ANAL SEX porn magazine

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More ANAL SEX Porn Magazines by COLOR CLIMAX are available right now : 9 (Danish Anal Sex from the 1970's) - 11 (Interracial Butt Sex) - 15 (Retro Backdoor Erotica) - 19 (Danish girls prefer analsex) - 22 (Busty Redhead Pia) - 23 - 24 - 25 - 31 (Women in Nylons futtfucked) - 35 - 44 - 62 - 67 - 70 (Beloved Fallon asshole fuck) - 83 (Hungarian anal-sex lover Angelica Bella) - 85 - 92 (Helen Duval do it anal with Sean Michaels) - 100 (China Lee, Hayley Jane Russell & Gina COLANY all ass-fucked) - 101 (Olga Lovi, Sofia Stacks & Dawn Phoenix) - 105 (Gina Wild) - 107 (Lacey Rose & Nicol Taylor) - 108 (Alexa Schiffer & Barbara Neri) - 110 (Melody Kord & Monica Orsini) - 111 - 114. We will list them as soon as we can but for collectors who can"t wait Some Scans / Galleries are already available & ready to be send, if you'd like to order some of them please just Contact Us we will get in touch with you within 24hrs.

This serie is highly recommanded, with the first issues CCC takes you back to the first decennia of Danish porn when their magazines poured all over Europe, bringing their readers, hot from the press, hardcore material, setting a precedent that has never been equalled! Raw, natural sex in a time when a full bush of pubic hair was something to be proud of! Anal sex was and is one of COLOR CLIMAX' specialties: You can watch the girls smallest holes impaled in the highest detail! But over the years a few other European Publisher produced mags of high quality too. For extreme porn magazines lovers, i'd suggest some back issues of Dino Grafik such as issue OBSESSION 19 featuring Triple Penetration. There are also of course series published by Silwa of interest such as SANDWICH or ANAL SPECIAL.

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About ANAL SEX Porn Magazines :

Anal Sex Porn Magazines has been published by the Color Climax Corporation. The first issue of Anal Sex has been published in 1975. As of today this serie reached number 117 but the last 20 numbers have been published by ZBF which bought the CCC a few years ago, it is no surprise that the quality has dramatically decreased.

The success of All Color Climax series (including Anal Sex) was based on quality, in our opinion probably in a lot of Collectors' Mind too ZBF, Silwa,... isn't based on quality (too much reprints,...). For example Color Climax Anal Sex had many Famous European & American PornStars such as Angelica Bella, Kimberly Kupps, John Holmes, Rocco Siffredi, Peter North, AJA,...

Here is the description that CCC made from this Serie "ANAL SEX is the world famous porn magazine dedicated to the "Greek Technique"! Sodomy is a variable deviation, offering lots of interesting positions like the "sandwich" - being fucked and buggered simultaneously! This serie features many more deviations too. In fact it is a must for all arshole addicts!"

Here are a few layout's titles that were first published by CCC in ANAL SEX Magazines : Hot Arse Games - Italian Arse Affair - Two Dick Party - Anal Encounter - Randy Lady - Sexual Sandwich - An Anal angel - ... just to name a few

Anal sex mags samples : 1/ Peter & Rocco couldn’t wait to use their new camera, so they went down to the local grocery store to find a pretty young peach. After shopping Anna was going home to take a nap, instead this little honey pot made her dreams cum true by taking two slabs of man beef. 2/ Jack overheard his girlfriend and her friend Amy talking. Amy had brought up that her fantasy is two men at once and she has never tried anal. So Jack’s girlfriend is out and Amy’s sleeping on the couch - time to wake up to a fantasy fulfilled! 3/ Dagmar LOST showed up to the studio for a photo shoot. With a little smooth talking, John got this gorgeous vixen slowly out of her clothes. She even played along when our cocks came out! Cum watch as we make her ass open for business! 4/ Rocco met Pamela online and she planned on going out to the movies with him. But he had “forgotten his wallet at the office” and decided to lose his dick in her ass instead! Tonight, Pamela gets to find out that you don’t need money for a good time. 5/ In a high stakes game of strip poker, Anastacia went all in and lost. Then came the time for us to go all in, on a no holes barred game of backdoor poker! We had her wanting it in her ass ‘more than anything’ after a little cock filled fun!

If you're a lover of the "Brown Arts" then you don't want to miss out on all the exciting back numbers of ANAL SEX on offer here, all packed with hardcore anal thrills and delights.

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