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Please take a look at our selection of Vintage Porn Magazines with Big Tits Pornstar Candy SAMPLES. One of the most published Mature Pornstar of all time. With over 200 porn mags appearances and counting and spanning over 35 years. Candie SAMPLES has definitely made her mark in the adult magazines industry.

Candy SAMPLES Porn Magazines Gallery :

Candy SAMPLES magazine cover
mature pornstar Candy SAMPLES

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We do carry a lot More Vintage Porn Magazines featuring Pornstar / Porn Legend Candy SAMPLES. Famous Pornstar Candy SAMPLES is also known as Candie SAMPLES aka Candi SAMPLES.

Besides 100s of Movies & 100s American Porn Magazines, Candy SAMPLES appeared in several Color Climax Vintage Porn Magazines & also in several other European Porn Magazines edited by Silwa or Pleasure Porn Magazines (like Busen or Busen-Extra).

So if you are looking for something special that does not appear in this selection or if you are interested in more Porn Legend Candy SAMPLES Vintage Porn Magazines, please just send us your SPECIAL REQUEST. We do have a much larger inventory of Pornstar Candy SAMPLES Vintage Porn Magazines.


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About Candy SAMPLES :

Her measurements were reported to be 48DD-24-36. Candy admitted it was very, very late when she started having sex and that she was 28 before she discovered oral sex. Candy was a feature dancer for many years from the 1970s into the 1990s. She has written a monthly column, Candy's Column, in Juggs men's magazine for a number of years. In late 1970s - early 1980s, she made some short-footage films of "sexy-wrestling": nothing real, of course, but quite remarkable remains her fight with her close friend Uschi DIGARD in "Battle of the Bosoms", sure a more than revealing and realistic title. Toward the end of her career, it was obvious that Candy SAMPLES had had breast augmentation; her chest measurement subsequently swelled to 48EE. Candy SAMPLES also had plastic surgery to reduce her pronounced aquiline nose. A natural brunette, she often wore blonde (both yellow and platinum) wigs while being photographed and on the dancing circuit. According to a recent Candy's Column in Juggs, she is now "happily married and happily retired." [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Candy SAMPLES]

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My Fav Candy SAMPLES Porn Movies :

ULTIMATE CANDY SAMPLES COLLECTION #1 features hard-to-find guy-girl scenes featuring the Mother of big bust erotica! She is paired with the incredible Keli STEWART in some great girl-girl action before Candy starts to worry if she can afford the car repair bill that the hunky auto mechanic brings her,which is a hefty $1,000! Once the mechanic gets a look at Candy's legendary all natural boobs,he decides to take it out in trade in a most torrid Tits Fuck that ends with Candy performing a memorable finish! Mr.Anchiovanni is up next in scene #2 and it is her Bedtime Story,in which Candy is slipped a potion into her drink that makes her wild with lust for the horny stud! Candy SAMPLES never looked better and these are some of her best scenes in one spot.

ULTIMATE CANDY SAMPLES COLLECTION #2 features MORE oh so difficult guy-girl scenes featuring the Den Mother of big bust erotica! Candy never looked better in these rare scenes and it starts out with her hot interview which is part dream/fantasy sequence with Candy SAMPLES in a bathtub seducing her compaion into a steamy romp,and when he wakes up,it is time to interview Candy for a magazine,and she appears as in the picture,in a foxy mink coat,looking more scrumptious than ever,if that is possible!Pat seduces her and they get to it,and you get to see all the things you want Candy to do with a guy,with great focus on her perfect boobs.Next is also the rare Bobbie's Boobies,another out of print short finding Candy as an undercover agent ala Charlie's Angels,but she is a masseuse who drinks a wild potion that seduces women into unihibited sexual animals,and also features the great Annie SPRINKLE.

BRA BUSTERS IN THE 1970íS from Alpha Blue Archives Candy Samples appears in two previously lost Diverse loops not available on any of our other releases! Not to be outdone, this amazing collection of rarities includes DYANNE THORNE in perhaps her only adult role! Also starring John Holmes.

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