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Color Climax 170
Exciting 27
Foxy Lady 20
Girls 24
Oftly 18
Pleasure 84
Pleasure-Extra 5
Teenage DreamGirls 13
Teenage Sex 37


Selection of Porn Magazines with Asian Pornstar Kristara BARRINGTON. More Kristara BARRINGTON Porn Magazines available upon REQUEST

Kristara BARRINGTON Porn Magazines Gallery :

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About Kristara BARRINGTON :

Kristara BARRINGTON (born November 22 1965 in New Orleans, Louisiana) was an American-born porn star popular in the 1980s. Kristara's heritage, combining Asian and European ancestry, allowed her to be cast as either Asian or Caucasian, although she often played a stereotypical Asian woman. She appeared in over 170 movies between 1984 and 1989, although only a few of these films have been transferred to DVD. Kristara BARRINGTON's most celebrated physical features were her "puffy" nipples and protruding clitoris. She also gained fame for performing in anal sex scenes at a time when the practice was far from routine in films. Kristara BARRINGTON's image and performances projected something of a "mystery woman" allure, which added to her popularity. Kristara BARRINGTON reportedly became a veterinarian after leaving the adult film industry. There is some uncertainty as to Kristara BARRINGTON's actual birthplace. Some source list her as born in New Orleans, while others give her birthplace as somewhere in Illinois (such as, fittingly, Barrington). [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kristara BARRINGTON]

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Buyers Comments :

David of Barstow Ari. emailed:

Dear Deb, just a quick note to say thanks for all the great service. My passion is and has been for years, asian vintage porn. I can't say enough about how fast the service was or how helpful your staff was. I really gave that service guy a hard time and he never lost his cool and still managed to offer me some of the nicest asian porn I have seen in ages. Nice price too though I probably should not say that in case you raise yours hehe. Anyway I thought I would drop you a line and say thanks man! I already have the Foxy Lady 20 that you guys mailed me to tell me you had found. Sorry I forgot and put it on my want list. Kristara Barrington in hardcore is so great it is hard not to buy two of her. One for each hand man! Just kidding. Thanks you guys and I will be ordering again soon.

David it is good to hear from you again. No problem on the magazine Inside Foxy Lady with Kristara Barrington. We actually have people that wait on that sort of thing just like you. Just wanted to give you the first chance at it. I am looking forward to chatting with you again soon David the next time you order from us. For all you guys not turned on to Asian vintage porn yet you can check it out RIGHT HERE @ Yurmag.com

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My Fav Kristara BARRINGTON Porn Movies :

Surfside Sex : The Summer heat sizzles in this Malibu moment under the sexy sun when a group of uninhibited orgasm groupies converge on a beach house. The action switches from the lofty bedrooms to the beach front jacuzzi to the ultimate private tanning suite! Starring - Kristara Barrington, Cherie Gaver, Danica Rahe, Tiffany Blake, Peter North and More.

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