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The one and only true classic pornstar with nice totally Puffy Nipples, take a look at our selection of Vintage Porn Magazines with US Pornstar Kandi BARBOUR. Be sure to get some porn mags on this equally erotic, seductively sensual, young temptress, who posseses limitless imaginations when it comes to getting physical, sadly Kandi retired decades ago but there are still dozens pornmags to remember her awesome sex action & as i said her amazing tiny puffy nipples. Send us any  SPECIAL REQUEST .

Kandi BARBOUR Porn Magazines Gallery :

Kandi BARBOUR pornstar
Kandi BARBOUR color climax magazine
Kandi BARBOUR ccc star

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Buyers Comments :

Olivier from France emailed us:

Holy shit! You guys need to bottle this stuff it is better than viagra. I found the magazine Disco Fever. I mean yeah we all miss the Disco era and it was a blast especially the disco music but that ain't nothing beside Disco Porn! Who wants to buy some crappy old songs that bring back the so called romance, when you can buy a magazine that brings back the hardcore! I had my share of pussy kissing outside of discos and inside for that matter and I got my blowjobs too and this is some great stuff! I don't know how I missed the magazines at the time guess I was too busy with the broads but now. I really have the time to enjoy it! Really thank you people for bringing this stuff to light and anymore of that series I want marked MINE! Hard Ons 4ever Olivier.

Olivier, I am pleased that you have found material here that brings back your younger days. We strive to bring you the best in nostalgic porn at Yurmag.com The discosex magazine is extremely popular. If you enjoyed it you may want to check out Kandi Barbour Here. She is the same girl that is on the cover of the magazine you purchased and just as hot!

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My Fav Kandi BARBOUR Porn Movies :

Sweet Cheeks : 1980 Magnificently filmed in Carmel, Montery, Pismo Beach, and Marina Del Rey, California, the cast takes us through breathtaking scenes of skydiving, car racing, motorcycling and snowmobiling. Regina (Becky Savage) only has three more months to live, and she sets out to experience every sexual fantasy she has smoldering in her hot and willing body. These include a wild orgy on a 55 foot yacht, winning a double prize in the pit at the auto races and a very sensual lesbian encounter. Our star Johnny Holmes changes from macho to slave and back again before our eyes. Stars:John Holmes, Rhonda Jo Petty, Randy West, Mike Ranger, Kandi Barbour, Kevin James, Becky Savage.

Kate and the Indians Year : 1979 Kate and the Indians is without a doubt the funniest adult movie ever made. Kay Parker is the High Priestess, & Kandi Barbour makes everyone want to be an Indian just to be her playmate. The film was shot entirely on location in the high desert of California and captures all the panoramic view of the wide open spaces - even the beautiful snow-capped Sierra Mountains in the background. Although funny, Kate and the Indians has an abundance of erotic ,sensuous scenes that would satisfy even the most ardent fans of erotica. Kate and her girlfriend Lisa, students of Professor Von Martin, have found a medallion in the desert. The puzzle of the medallion leads the Professor and Kate into an untraveled wasteland, where they become lost and stranded. They are befriended by Bill , who guides them to the lost tribe where the two are captured by the funniest Indian since "F-Troop". At this point, our heroine is forced to take part in the tribe's ancient rituals The professor saves the beautiful Kate, and the two live happily ever after. Kate and the Indians is a major breakthrough in adult entertainment. Stars:Kay Parker, Mike Ranger, Kandi Barbour, Jennifer West.

Strange Family : 1977, also starring Paula Stewart, Clea Carson, Veri Knotty, Mark Stevens & Bobby Astor. There's a family reunion planned, but Paula Stewart seems strangely unenthusiastic. How come? I'll tell you if you let me eat you, in Strange Family. A flashback reveals that she was shocked when the massage parlor patron whose pocket she was picking turned out to be her Uncle Wayne. And Uncle Wayne was a bit surprised to recognize his niece after he'd gotten done porking her. This could cause family friction. Speaking of friction, Cousin Jack put clothespins on Cousin Florie's nipples before she goes down on him, just before another cousin shows up with a bag o' whips & sex toys and gets it on with the two sisters. Finally, everybody's getting good and laid except uptight Cousin Maude. Oh, take that sausage it in your mouth, Maude! Everyone urges. Possibly it's the sight of Cousin Bart's tres avant garde french tickler, but Maude finally gets hot. Let's put everything in the kitchen up her, suggests someone, but they stick to the usual utensils.

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