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Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE Porn Magazines

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Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE Porn Magazines Gallery :

Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE
Linzi Mc KENZIE magazines
pornstar Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE

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About Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE :

Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE (born August 7, 1978) is a naturally large breasted (at one time 38HHH but now 32DD after breast reduction surgery) glamour model and pornostar from Wallington in the London Borough of Sutton, England.

Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE continued her association with The Daily Sport, becoming one of its most regularly featured models, and touring with its troupe of lap dancers and strippers. She also started appearing topless as a Page 3 girl in tabloid newspapers The Sun and The Daily Star, as well as fully nude in British softcore magazines such as Mayfair and Whitehouse. Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE made several low-budget softcore videos when she was sixteen and seventeen years old, most of which feature her dancing and stripping. One early video, Linsey Dawn McKENZIE and Her Sister Alyson in simulated incestuous, lesbian scenes. In 2002 this film was re-released on DVD in the United Kingdom. When Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE turned eighteen in August 1996, she signed a contract with the Score Group, publisher of the Score and Voluptuous breast fetishism men's magazines, and began modelling for a North American audience. Score released a special pictorial issue and a video, Linsey-Dawn McKENZIE's 18th Birthday, to celebrate her reaching the legal age to model nude in the United States. Linzi became one of the premier "big boob" models of the late 1990s and early 2000s, with numerous adult magazine and video appearances, usually solo, but often with other large-breasted models such as Adele STEPHENS, Lorna MORGAN, and Kerry MARIE. She became a regular on Score adult magazine's annual "Boob Cruise", and appeared in several affiliated videos such as Score Boob Cruise 2000 and Score Boob Cruise Babes. In the late 1990s, she started her own adult websites on both sides of the Atlantic. Score chose Linzi-Dawn McKENZIE as its model of the year for 2004. Piggybacking on Linsey's popularity, Alyson McKENZIE launched her own adult career with nude Score pictorials and guest photoshoots on her sister's websites. Naturally small-breasted, as can be seen from her early topless appearances in sex magazines, Alyson received breast implants to boost her to a size 38DD. However, she achieved only a modest degree of success, never quite escaping the "Linzi Dawn McKENZIE's sister" tag line, and has since retired from adult modelling.

Over time, Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE's photoshoots in North American sex magazines and on her websites increasingly crossed the boundary of "softcore porn." Her adult modelling routinely came to include graphic "spread shots", bondage scenarios, simulated lesbian cunnilingus, and insertion of vaginal and anal sex toys. Confusingly, she has made some films, that were marketed as "hardcore" but that actually involve only scenes of simulated heterosexual or lesbian sex. But since 2000, she has made several bone fide hardcore porn films : Linsey's Lezzie Seduction (2000) features Linzi Dawn Mc KENZIE and large-breasted American model Autumn JADE performing oral sex on each other - Ultimate LINSEY (2001) features a 23-minute-long scene in which Linzi Dawn Mc KENZIE has oral, vaginal, and mammary sex with Terry CANTY, her husband from her shortlived first marriage. The film features two additional solo scenes, one in which Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE masturbates with a sex toy, and one in which she strips out of a wedding dress - Maximum Insertion (2004) features a scene in which Linsey-Dawn Mc KENZIE interacts with an automated erotic stimulation device, a hardcore ménage à trois scene, and a hardcore lesbian scene with large-breasted Polish model Ines CUDNA - Busty Anal Lovers (2005) features a hardcore lesbian scene with Suzie WILDON, who penetrates Mc KENZIE anally with a sex toy. This is the only time Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE has performed an anal penetration scene on video. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Linzi-Dawn Mc KENZIE]