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Pornstars A-C



Stephanie ADAMS
Tracey ADAMS
Barbara ALTON
Little Oral ANNIE
Danni ASHE
Ebony AYES
Briana BANKS
Angela BARON
Blondie BEE
Angelica BELLA
Cristina BELLA
Bunny BLEU
Gerlinde BODEKER
Veronica BRAZIL
Susanne BRECHT
Crystal BREEZE
Lauren BRICE
Angel BUST
Caroline CAGE
Lucienne CAMILLE
Christy CANYON
Angel CASH
Tabatha CASH
Andrea CLARK
Marie-Christine COVI
Lana COX

Men's Magazines Featuring PORNSTARS A-C

Please take a look at our selection of Vintage Porn Magazines Featuring the following Pornstars sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAMES from A to C :

Stephanie ADAMS, Tracey ADAMS, AJA, Barbara ALTON, Donna AMBROSE, Anna AMORE, Nikky ANDERSON, Rafaela ANDERSON, Laura ANGEL, ANGELIQUE Dos SANTOS, Little Oral ANNIE, Lynn ARMITAGE, Danni ASHE, AUNT PEG aka Juliet ANDERSON, Ebony AYES, Lois AYRES, Briana BANKS, BARBARA, BARBII, Kandi BARBOUR, Desiree BARCLAY, Regina BARDOT, Rebecca BARDOUX, Angela BARON, Kristara BARRINGTON, Blondie BEE, Angelica BELLA, Cristina BELLA, Erika BELLA, Busty BELLE, Maria BELLUCCI, Sylvia BENEDICT, Dru BERRYMORE, BILL the BUll, BIONCA, Bunny BLEU, Anita BLONDE, BLONDIE, Gerlinde BODEKER, Sally BOOTHE, Erica BOYER, Veronica BRAZIL, Susanne BRECHT, Crystal BREEZE, Colleen BRENNAN, Lauren BRICE, Busty BRITTANY, Angel BUST, Dolly BUSTER, Caroline CAGE, Monica CAMERON, Lucienne CAMILLE, Christy CANYON, Lauryl CANYON, Rosa CARACCIOLO, Asia CARRERA, J.R CARRINGTON, Angel CASH, Tabatha CASH, Carmen CASTELLANO, Kim CHAMBERS, Julia CHANNEL, Nikki CHARM, CICCIOLINA, Andrea CLARK, Gina COLANY, Careena COLLINS, CORALIE, Desiree COUSTEAU, Marie-Christine COVI, Lana COX, Carol CUMMINGS, Wanda CURTIS.

It is not possible to list separately All Pornstars from A to C for which we maintain records of appearances in our Vintage Porn Magazines, so here is an Up-To-Date List of ALL PORNSTARS for which we register appearances in our Vintage Porn Magazines.

This means that if your favorite PORNSTAR is listed Below we will be able to email you a list of Vintage Porn Magazines that we have in stock.

We want this list to be as interactive as possible & we are trying to identify as much models as we can so all SUGGESTIONS / COMMENTS are always welcome if you can help us identify some models we will be very thankful !!

Also if your Favorite Pornstar does not appear in those lists - please don't hesitate to Send Us a few "low definition" Scans & we will try to help you locate Vintage Porn Magazines on her.

Milly D'ABRACIO, Amanda Jane ADAMS, Andrea ADAMS, Faith ADAMS, Jesse ADAMS, Sunrise ADAMS, Stella ADLER, Alan ADRIAN, Jean AFRIQUE, Eileen AILEY, Brigette AIMEE, Tara AIRE, Karine ALBAN, Dino ALEXANDER, Monique ALEXANDER, Nina ALEXANDER, Brandy ALEXANDRE, Eva ALLEN, Amy ALLISON, Alyssa ALLURE, Jasmin ALOHA, Marie Evita ALTHIERRY, Tish AMBROSE, Alexis AMORE, Annie ANDERSIN, Nena ANDERSON, Pamela ANDERSON, Brittany ANDREWS, ANGEL, Christina ANGEL, Eve ANGEL, Kim ANGELI, French ANGELIQUE, Asian Girl ANISA, ANNA Marek, Lorraine ANSELL, Azlea ANTISTIA, Candee APPLES, Angelica ARDEL, April ARIKSSEN, Brad ARMSTRONG, Bianca ASCARI, ASLAN, Kaitlyn ASHLEY, Michelle ASHLEY, Rachel ASHLEY, Marianne AUBERT, Anastacia AUREA, AURORA, Angelica AUSTIN, Sylvia BAIO, Jane BAKER, Ariana BALI, Natalie BANUS, Paul BARRESI, BARBARELLA, Astrid BAUER, Jessica BAUER, Michelle BAUER, Lydia BAUM, Mallory BAXTER, Rhonda BAXTER, Chrissy BEAUCHAMPS, Jackie BEAUCHAMPS, Maren BEAUTTE, Lisa BEE, Betty BELL, Sharon BELL, BELLADONNA, Anne BELLE, Barbie BELLE, Maria BELLS, Grace BELLY, Nikita BELUGA, Brooke BENNETT, Anita BERGLUND, BEVERLEE Hills, Bianca BIGGS, Melanie BISHOP, Carrie BITTNER, Eva BLACK, Holly BLACK, Kristina BLACK, Regina BLACK, Szabina BLACK, Barbie BLAKE, Chelsa BLAKE, Rikki BLAKE, Tiffany BLAKE, Celia BLANCO, Gabriella BLICQ, Beverly BLISS, Cristina BLOND, Nikki BLOND, Pepper BLOND, Anna BLONDE, Busty BLONE, Amanda BLUE, Ashley BLUE, Babette BLUE, Bridgette BLUE, Crayola BLUE, Ditty BLUE, Laurie BLUE, Niki BLUE, Sarah BLUE, Sharka BLUE, Skye BLUE, Danish Pornstar BODIL, Holly BODY, Gabriella BOND, Jennifer BOND, Rene BOND, Suzie BOOBIES, Brigitte BORDEAUX, Luana BORGIA, Dominique BOUCHE, Jacques BOURBOULON, Leslie BOVEE, Debbie BOYD, Sharon BRADY, Nikki BRANTZ, Vanessa BRANNAN, Jacqui BREMER, Laura BRENT, Roxanne BREWER, Tine BRIND, Angelica BRIGHT, Mandy BRIGHT, Cynthia BROOKS, Jacqueline BROOKS, Mandy BROUGHTON, Carol BROWN, Karen BROWN, Lenora BRUCE, Stefania BRUNI, Kim BSG, Dixie BUBBLES, Cindy BUHARU, Karen BULL, Valerie BURAGO, Phaera BURD, Lana BURNER, Carol BURTON, Ashley BUST, L.A BUST, Bethany BUSTIN, Jerry BUTLER, Tom BYRON, Sophie CALL, CAMEO, Bettina CAMPBELL, Robin CANNES, David CANNON, Lynx CANNON, Candy CANTELOPES, Lili CARATI, Rita CARDINALE, Cora CARINA, Suzie CARINA, Cindy CARRERA, Gina CARRERA, Greta CARLSON, Katy CARO, Maud CAROLE, Lee CARROLL, Joey CARSON, Kimberly CARSON, Marine CARTIER, Cindy CARVER, Claudia CASALI, Candi CASH, Cathy CASH, Chris CASSIDY, Sheila CATS, Laura CATWOMAN, CELESTE, Alban CERAY, Marilyn CHAMBERS, CHAMPAGNE, CHANNONE, Tom CHAPMAN, CHARISMA, CHARLENE, Melanie CHARMS, Vanessa CHASE, Danyel CHEEKS, Tina CHERI, Elodie CHERRIE, Lisa CHEST, Helene CHEVALIER, CHEYANNE, CHINA MOON, Annabel CHONG, Melissa CHRISTIAN, Claudia CLAIRE, Valerie CLARK, Becky CLAY, Abigail CLAYTON, Corinne CLERY aka O, Debora COEUR, Tracy COLEMAN, COLT 45, Carol CONNORS, Yvonne CONNORS, Judy CONWAY, Penny COPPER, Melanie COSTE, Candy COTTON, Monique COVET, Michael J.COX, Carol CROSS, Angela CRYSTAL, Ivy CRYSTAL, Tina CRYSTAL, Ines CUDNA, Summer CUMMINGS, Corina CURVES, Cassandra CURVES, Topsey CURVEY.


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About Paizley ADAMS : Paizley ADAMS (born in Denver, Colorado, on December 24, 1980) is an American porn star. As a Vivid Girl she is referred to by the name Cassidey, but she is also known as Annie Bunz or Bobbie Adore. Paizley re-signed with Vivid Video in 2006 and plans to release at least twelve new videos [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Paizley ADAMS]. And we hope Paizley will appear in more men's magazines.

About Sunrise ADAMS : Once she was 18, her aunt Sunset THOMAS -- already a famous pornstar herself -- came to visit, with little debate, Sunset THOMAS convinced her niece that the adult film & men's magazines industry could also be her path to money and fame, and even came up with a stage name complementary to her own. Sunrise ADAMS officially began her porn career on January 8, 2001, when she appeared with Ed POWERS in More Dirty Debutantes 186. Like most pornographic actresses new to the porno magazines industry, she was encouraged to try sexual acts outside her prior experiences. Her first sexual encounter with another girl was with Cherry RAIN in Cockless 3. Sunrise also did anal scenes in her very early films but after a particularly rough session in Vince Voyeur's Initiations 8 (2001) ended up requiring stitches and recuperation time to heal, she has since adamantly refused to continue that practice on film & men's magazines. Sunrise signed a two year contract with Vivid Entertainment in August, 2002, officially becoming a "Vivid Girl." Sunrise ADAMS is particularly well-known for her oral skills and lesbian scenes. Nominated for Best Actress by AVN in 2003, she won the award for "Best Oral Sex Scene - Film" in 2004. She has made a number of films with brunette star Faith ADAMS and actually claimed to have been "married" to Faith for almost two years. She appeared on the cover of the Xbox and PlayStation 2 game, Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes the Neighborhood. In late-2004, not long after renewing her Vivid contract for 10 more years, Sunrise ADAMS decided to take a break from the adult film & magazine business. However, On November 15, 2006 it was announced that Sunrise ADAMS would be returning to the adult film industry [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Sunrise ADAMS].

About Monique ALEXANDER : Monique ALEXANDER (born May 26, 1982) is an American pornstar and nude model. She was born in Vallejo, California. A self-proclaimed shy girl while in high school, Monique ALEXANDER began working in the adult industry as a striptease dancer in Sacramento. Monique appeared in some adult magazines, then started performing in adult films. In addition to a catalog of solely girl-girl Hardcore work, she appeared in a handful of soft-core erotic films such as Hotel Erotica, The Sex Spa,... Monique ALEXANDER also became a popular solo and girl-girl internet nude model. In 2004 Monique ALEXANDER became a contract girl for Vivid Entertainment. After years of acting only in lesbian roles, Monique ALEXANDER began appearing in boy-girl scenes, including an interactive film and a feature role with Rocco SIFFREDI in Vivid's Lexie and Monique Love Rocco. Her first interracial was with Mr. Marcus & her first anal scene was done with Marcos LEON in the film Cry Wolf, which is to be released by Vivid in 2007 [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Monique ALEXANDER].

About Alexis AMORE : Alexis AMORE (born December 29, 1978 in Lima, Peru) is a Latina pornstar. Alexis AMORE had a breast augmentation prior to beginning her pornographic career. Around 1998, during an audition for an HBO production, the person auditioning her suggested that she audition for Playboy, where she became a model for Playboy TV. While working on Playboy's Nightcalls, she interviewed Jewel DeNYLE and Alexa RAE about the pornographic industry. Comforted by their replies and wanting to experience it for herself, she contacted Vivid Entertainment and was hired for her first film (The Watcher 6) two days later in November 1999 as one of her first seven porn videos. In January 2003, she re-entered the adult film & magazines industry after a short break, and signed exclusively with Jill KELLY Productions. Alexis eventually left the company a year later and signed another exclusive contract with Anabolic. This latter contract included not only performances on video & sex magazines, but also included directing. Porn actress Olivia O'LOVELY refers to her as "Wifey" along with another porn actress [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Alexis AMORE].

About Brittany ANDREWS : Brittany ANDREWS (born August 13, 1973 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as Michelle Carmel Barry) is an American pornographic actress and exotic dancer. Brittany started her career as an exotic dancer, and while living in Texas, she became a popular feature dancer after undergoing rhinoplasty and breast augmentation. Brittany ANDREWS began doing photo shoots for men's magazines, but moved to adult film after meeting Jenna JAMESON in 1995 during a photo shoot for Hustler magazine. She starred in her first film Internal Affairs in 1997, for which she was nominated for an AVN award. Brittany is also actively involved in several adult websites [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Brittany ANDREWS].

About Kaitlyn ASHLEY : Kaitlyn ASHLEY entered the movie & sex magazines industry with her husband, Jay ASHLEY. Her first onscreen appearance was in Beach Bum Amateurs #32. Kaitlyn was active in pornographic movies from 1993 until 1997, appearing in over 300 films & 100s magazines back issue. Kaitlyn ASHLEY credits Nina HARTLEY and Debi DIAMOND with giving her advice and support during her four year career. Kaitlyn ASHLEY became best known for her anal, double penetration, lesbian and interracial scenes. She also starred in several all-girl films, using strap-on dildos [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kaitlyn ASHLEY].

About BELLADONNA : BELLADONNA got into the adult film industry after she moved to Los Angeles to become a nude model. She has appeared in over 250 adult films & dozens sex magazines with the majority of them being anal-themed. BELLADONNA produces her own movies under Belladonna Entertainment and Deadly Nightshade Productions. Since 2004 she has exploded in popularity, taking the place of many more well-known longtime actresses who perform in standard/typical porn magazines. BELLADONNA has performed double anal (a rarity in the adult magazines industry) multiple times. BELLADONNA has also performed in scenes with transsexual performers, during which she has oral, anal, and vaginal sex, without condoms. BELLADONNA continued to perform while already visibly pregnant. She has built a reputation for her ability to perform in almost any theme in mainstream porn, and for her willingness to perform in almost any sexual scenario [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for BELLADONNA].

About Leslie BOVEE : Leslie BOVEE (born 1952 in Bend, Oregon, USA) is an American porn star. She is sometimes credited as Leslie Bovée. Leslie has appeared in over 50 movies & porn magazines between 1975 and 1980. Leslie BOVEE has been inducted into both the XRCO and AVN Halls of Fame [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Leslie BOVEE].

About Carol CONNORS : Carol CONNORS (born November 13, 1952) is an American erotic actress. She is sometimes credited as Carol CONNEERS or Carol KAISER, and starred in about 20 adult movies & 10s porn magazines between 1970 and 1986. Carol's most notable roles were as the nurse in the legendary movie Deep Throat and as the lead in The Erotic Adventures of Candy and its sequel Candy Goes to Hollywood. She also appeared on several episodes of The Gong Show as a hostess who introduced Chuck BARRIS at the start of the show. Her Gong Show appearances were parodied in Candy Goes to Hollywood. Later she married Jack BIRCH, also an adult film actor. Carol CONNORS is the mother of actress Thora Birch [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Carol CONNORS].

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