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Pornstars D-H



Natascha DAGGI
Barbie DAHL
Eliana DANTE
Anita DARK
Crystal DAWN
Natalie DE BON
Delphine DELAGE
Olivia DEL RIO
Vanessa DEL RIO
Lea De MAE
Barbara DOLL
Brandi DOWNS
Linzi DREW
Donita DUNES
Ashley DUNN
Barbie EAST
Jennifer ECCLES
Candie EVANS
Shauna EVANS
Sophie EVANS
Sana FEY
Tabitha FOX
Sadie FOXX
Leanna FOXXx
Ashlyn GERE
Susan HART
Annette HAVEN
Beverlee HILLS
Sheena HORNE

Porn Magazines Featuring PORN STARS D-H

Yurmag.Com's selection of Porn Magazines Featuring Porn stars sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAME from D to H :

Natascha DAGGI, Barbie DAHL, Devon DANIELS, Eliana DANTE, Anita DARK, Racquel DARRIAN, Buffy DAVIS, Crystal DAWN, Natalie DE BON, Delphine DELAGE, Lisa DE LEEUW, Olivia DEL RIO, Vanessa DEL RIO, Lea De MAE, Nina DE PONCA, DEVON, Tania DE VRIES, Uschi DIGARD, Barbara DOLL, Stacey DONOVAN, Brandi DOWNS, DRAGHIXA, Linzi DREW, Donita DUNES, Ashley DUNN, Busty DUSTY, Helen DUVAL, Barbie EAST, Jade EAST, Jennifer ECCLES, ELODIE CHERIE, Darlene ENGLISH, Candie EVANS, Shauna EVANS, Sophie EVANS, Toni EVANS, Sana FEY, FLAME, Fiona FLAPPS, April FLOWERS, Diane FOSSE, FOVEA, Tavitha FOX, Sadie FOXX, Cindy FULSOM, Zena FULSOM, Betty GABOR, Karine GAMBIER, GAUGE, Emy GEORGE, Ashlyn GERE, Dolly GOLDEN, Sonia GUMBRICH, Anita GYONGY, Susan HART, Nina HARTLEY, Annette HAVEN, Beverlee HILLS, Deidre HOLLAND, John HOLMES, Sheena HORNE, HOUSTON.

This is only a sample list of Pornstars from D to H for which we record appearances in Vintage Porn Magazines, below is another list for porn stars D-H we are already familiar with. This means that if your favorite PORN STAR is listed there we should be able to email you a list of Porn Magazines that we have in stock. If she isn't then Send Us a few "low definition" Scans & we will try to help you locate Vintage Porn Magazines. Note that she/he need not to be a famous pornstar, we can also help you locate sex mags on any Color Climax, Private,... porn models too.

DAKOTA Kelly, Julia DAL FUOCO, Eileen DALY, DALILA Delores, Sydney DANCE, Alex DANE, Ian DANIELS, Barbara DARE, Betty DARK, Jennifer DARK, Sally DARK, Sarah DARK, Gabriella DARI, Jessica DARLIN, DAVIA Ardell, Dawn DAVIES, Julie DAVIES, Mark DAVIS, Michelle DAVY, April DAWN, Misty DAWN, Evyonne DAYE, Ice DE ANGELO, Desi de ANGETO, Krystal DE BOOR, Chris DeSHAFFER, Billy DEE, Jessica DEE, Kiki DEE, Sonia DEL RIO, Monique DE MOAN, Jewel DE NILE, Nikita DENISE, Devin DE RAY, Justine DE SADE, DESIRAE, Olivia DE TREVILLE, Alexis DE VELLE, Chloe DES LYSSES, Alexis DEVELL, Dina DeVILLE, Judith De VILLE, Tricia DEVEREAUX, Lulu DEVINE, Nikki DIAL, Debi DIAMOND, Destiny DIAMOND, Mya DIAMOND, Simony DIAMOND, Ruby DIAMONT, Europa DICHAN, Ronnie DICKSON, Helen DINISA, Kathy DIVAN, Teri DIVER, Veronica DOLL, Keisha DOMINGUEZ, Laurien DOMINIQUE, Vanessa D'ORO, Camella DONNER, Angelique DOS SANTOS, Steve DRAKE, Maeva DREAM, Zoryna DREAMS, Rayanne DREW, Carole DUBOIS, Yvette DUMAS, Nataly DUNE, Deena DUOS, Diana DUPONT, Jasmin DURAN, Adriana DURANTE, Tracy DUZIT, Dana DYLAN, Nick EAST, Jessie EASTERN, Mari EDEN, Stephanie EDEN, Hilrud EDER, Monica ELFE, Zsanett EGERHAZI, Angela EGERVARI, Marita EKBERG, EMMANUELLE, Rosemary ENGLAND, ESMERELDA, Kim ETERNITY, Ashley EVANS, Carolyn EVANS, Taylor EVANS, Victoria EVANS, Erika EVEREST, Robin EVERETT, Kelli EVERTS, Angel EYES, EXTACY, Ida FABRY, Eva FALCHI, Eva FALK, Rita FALTOYANO, Agnes FALUDI, Nicolette FALUDI, FELICIA, Maureen FELIX, Gigi FERAUD, Carla FERRARI, Lolo FERRARI, Sofia FERRARI, Brooke FIELDS, Jenny FIELDS, Valerie FIELDS, Jenna FINE, Jessica FIORENTINO, Gail FORCE, Christy FORD, Jessica FORREST, Silver FORREST, Anjelica FOX, Cynthia FOX, Daisy FOX, Erika FOX, Jessica FOX, Kari FOX, Samantha FOX, Melodie FOX, Tanya FOXX, Shylla FOXXX, Toni Titanic FRANCIS, Daphne FRANKS, Louise FREVERT, Lenka GABOROVA, Vida GARMAN, Ursula GAUSSMAN, Liza GAZOMBAS, Joanne GEE, Kimi GEE, Angie GEORGE, GEORGINA S., Louise GERMAN, Gina GIANETTI, Tracy GIBB, Rita GILBERT, Crystal GOLD, Katie GOLD, Maya GOLD, Isabel GOLDEN, Linda GORDON, Reggie GRAHAM, Harmony GRANT, Phaedra GRANT, Shauna GRANT, Babette GRAY, Alex GRECO, Lisa MARIE GREENER, Agnes GRIMALDI, Jo GUEST, Kirstyn HALBORG, Jessica HALE, Jenny HALL, Laureen HALL, Roxanne HALL, David HAMILTON, Jayne HAMILTON, Kathy HARCOURT, Paula HARLOW, Tina HARLOW, Liza HARPER, Marie HARPER, Lucy HARRIS, Shelagh HARRISON, Crystal HART, Heather HART, Jordan HART, Leanna HART, Veronica HART, Olinka HARTMAN, Doris HAYES, Julia HAYES, Jenna HAZE, Misty HAZE, Sarah HEALEY, Carol HEAPS, Tera HEART, Lene HEFNER, Candy HILL, Melissa HILL, Louise HODGES, Nancy HOFFMAN, Bonnie HOLIDAY, Sable HOLIDAY, Diane HOLT, Audrey HOLLANDER, Solange HOOP, Heidi HOOTERS, Heather HOOTERS, Tiffany HOPKINS, Mike HORNER, Sarah HOW, Alison HOWARD, Justice HOWARD, Tracy HUGHES, Amber HUNT, Jackie HUNT, Heather HUNTER, Nikki HUNTER, Paisley HUNTER, Shioban HUNTER, Tanya HYDE.


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About Barbara DARE : Barbara DARE (born Stacey Mitnick on February 27, 1963 in Wayne, New Jersey) is an American porn star. Barbara was led to the porn industry by her swinging lifestyle in New York City. She became such a fixture at the sex club Plato's Retreat in the early eighties that she was named "Miss Plato's". Barbara DARE entered the pornographic magazine & movie industry in 1986 and quickly became one of the leading ladies of porn throughout the late 1980s, starring in over 100 features & 100s adultmagazines. Barbara DARE was one of the first porn stars to sign an exclusive contract with a production company; in her case, it was a $100,000 deal with Essex Video. She retired briefly from porn in the early nineties, then returned to Essex in 1993. She now strips professionally across the U.S. and Canada [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Barbara DARE].

About Krystal de BOOR : Krystal de BOOR (born December 10, 1978 in the Czech Republic) is an European pornographic actress. Before entering the adult magazines & film industry she was a successful make-up artist. Her first sex scene was in Elegant Angel's Big Babies In Budapest 4. Krystal de BOOR is currently represented by the Bohem Agency of Prague [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Krystal de BOOR].

About Monique DE MOAN : Monique DEMOAN (born August 11, 1972) is an American pornstar. She grew up in North Hollywood, and has stated that her parents were hippies. Her first adult film was More Dirty Debutantes 23. Monique DE MOAN is Latin in appearance and some sources suggest she is part Navajo, part Hispanic. Monique can also be recognised by a small tattoo on her inside right ankle and a band tattoo around her left ankle. She was married to fellow porn actor Jon DOUGH for twelve years, and has one daughter by him. She was widowed on August 27, 2006 when her husband committed suicide [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Monique DE MOAN].

About Estelle DESANGES : Estelle DESANGES (born March 8, 1977) is a French porno star. Estelle DESANGES was discovered by Fred COPPULA who had her started in 1999 under the Blue One label. Estelle received the Hot d'Or prize for Best European Starlet in May 2000. Estelle DESANGES has isued in 2002 a compilation album of her favorite music. Estelle is also featured in a techno Maxi-CD by N-Gels, "Sex machine" [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Estelle DESANGES].

About Nikki DIAL : Nikki DIAL (born Nicole Grenier on October 5, 1973 in Erie, Pennsylvania) is an American porn star active during the early 1990s. Nikki DIAL was known for her "girl next door" looks, large clitoris and natural breasts that were large for her small frame. Before entering the porn business, she worked in bondage and BDSM-oriented clubs; she claims that work of this nature helped her to overcome her natural shyness. Although Nikki DIAL retired after only two years, seventy seven movies & a few dozens porn magazines, she worked for many of the major adult studios, including Legend, VCA, and Vivid and became one of the most popular adult stars of the 1990s. She won several awards during her adult film career, including ones from The X-Rated Critics Organization and AVN. Her work included standard intercourse, oral and anal sex, lesbian encounters, and use of sex toys. Nikki DIAL retired from adult films around 1995 but she still occasionally appears as a feature dancer [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Nikki DIAL].

About Debi DIAMOND : Debi DIAMOND appeared in her first pornographic film in 1980 (Suze's Centerfolds) and quickly built a reputation for willingness to perform nearly any sexual act with any other performer. For example, in Deep Inside Debi DIAMOND, she impales herself on the 12-inch phallus of an ice statue. In another scene, she is transformed from a smartly dressed executive with a broken-down car to a rape victim, used by four men, covered in mud and clad in only shredded stockings. At one point, Debi DIAMOND attempts to get away but is tackled into more submission. The high point of her career was arguably in the early '90s, when she worked virtually non-stop and her performances garnered many industry awards, including induction into the XRCO and the AVN Halls of Fame. According to Debi DIAMOND's friend and fellow adult film star BIONCA, Debi married and moved to a small town in Illinois outside of Chicago after her retirement [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Debi DIAMOND].

About Kim ETERNITY : Kim ETERNITY (born March 27, 1973) is a porn star and model who has appeared in over 100 titles and numerous busty porn magazines including Voluptuous and Score. Kim ETERNITY has a tattoo on her left breast that says "Dark 'n Lovely". She also works as a dominatrix. Kim has been doing movies since 1994 & has worked with such stars as Kayla KLEEVAGE, MINKA, Lisa LIPPS, and Dominique SIMONE. Kim ETERNITY has been in straight, lesbian, interracial, gangbang, anal, double penetration, ménage à trois, and dominatrix videos. She has performed under the name Kim HINES in a few videos [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kim ETERNITY].

About Rita FALTOYANO : Rita FALTOYANO (born Rita Gacs on August 5, 1978 in Budapest, Hungary) is a Hungarian pornstar. Rita FALTOYANO is known for her large, natural breasts and several moles on her body. In her adult magazines appearances, Rita has displayed particular talent and passion for fellatio, anal sex, and foot fetishism. Rita FALTOYANO says that a talent agency recruited her to perform in hardcore movies after seeing her on a televised beauty pageant in 2000; the Miss East Hungary Beauty Contest, in which she took 2nd place. She appeared in her first nude magazine layout that same year, in the French edition of Playboy. In 2005, she married fellow porn star Tommy GUNN. Rita FALTOYANO is best known for her role as the star of Private's big-budget adult films, the GLADIATOR trilogy [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Rita FALTOYANO].

About Gail FORCE : Gail FORCE (born July 25, 1966) is an American pornographic actress and director. Gail FORCE entered the adult magazines business in 1984 at the age of 18 and worked as an actress until 1993. She has since worked as a director, Gail FORCE married porn director Jim POWERS in May 25, 1992. Gail has been recognized for her contributions to the adult industry by being inducted into the AVN Hall of Fame [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Gail FORCE].

About Tanya FOXX : Tanya FOXX (born in 1965) is an American actress who was one of the most popular porn stars of the late 1980s. Tanya is sometimes credited as Heather MARTIN, Kim PARKER, or Suzy SPAIN. Tanya FOXX began her career in pornographic video & magazines in 1985. Tanya FOXX is well known in the industry for her over the top anal sex antics. She is noted as being ahead of her time in the extreme adult entertainment industry [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Tanya FOXX].

About Louise FREVERT : Louise FREVERT (born May 31, 1953) is a Danish member of the Danish parliament. Before entering politics Louise FREVERT was a porn star and has performed in several retro danish porn magazines from Color Climax. In a recent interview, when asked about her sex magazines appearances, she replied that she didn't think it was a big deal [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Louise FREVERT].

About Aria GIOVANNI : Aria GIOVANNI was born in Los Angeles to a mostly Italian-American family. In October, 1999, Aria GIOVANNI soon began appearing on various amateur pornography websites such as Amateur Pink, Busty Amateurs, Seductive Amateurs, and BubbleGirls. In 2000, Aimee SWEET introduced Aria GIOVANNI to glamour photographer Suze RANDALL, who in late May of that year shot photos of Aria GIOVANNI which appeared in the September issue of Penthouse adult magazine. At the same time, she also appeared on the web site Bomis, posing clothed for a Ferrari giveaway contest. Aria GIOVANNI has appeared in bondage, fetish, amateur men's magazines as well as glamour and artistic photography. Aria has gained particular respect for being among relatively few large-chested models working in the field who have not undergone cosmetic surgery. Aria GIOVANNI has worked extensively with Andrew BLAKE, appearing in Girlfriends, Aria, Blondes & Brunettes, Justine, Adriana and Naked Diva. Aria GIOVANNI has appeared in softcore pornographic movies, although most of her lesbian scenes involve purely implied sexual contact. Her only known hardcore pornographic appearance is on a DVD offered by BubbleGirls.com where she performs solo masturbation with hands, toys, and fisting [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Aria GIOVANNI].

About Shauna GRANT : Shauna GRANT (born Colleen Marie APPLEGATE on May 30, 1963 – March 21, 1984) was an American nude model and pornstar. Shauna was sometimes credited as Callie AINES or Colleen APPLEGATE. Shauna GRANT was active in the adult magazines industry from 1982-1984. She died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when she was 20 years old. She was a cheerleader in high school later she ran away from home and moved to California in March 1982, accompanied by her high school sweetheart, Mike MARCELL. She left behind her parents, a brother, and three sisters. The couple arrived in Los Angeles, California. Shauna GRANT and MARCELL looked into a number of jobs in the first month. Little came of this until one of them saw an ad for World Modeling, an agency in Van Nuys. This business diligently sought attractive new recruits for "figure modeling". Accompanied by Marcell, Shauna GRANT visited agent Jim SOUTH, who set up a photo session with photographer J.Stephen HICKS. The pictorial's theme featured a mock camping set and was to be published by adult magazine CLUB. HICKS reflected on Shauna GRANT's appearance and personality by saying, I deal with a lot of girls who are new in the business, a lot of young girls and a lot of girls from out of town. Shauna was so incredibly young and naive. She was completely un-hip and non-L.A. Her wholesome, "girl next door" looks soon landed her work posing for other men's magazines such as HUSTLER and PENTHOUSE. As Shauna Grant, she made a number of popular adult movies, more often plot-oriented than "wall-to-wall sex". One such movie was Suzie Superstar, in which she plays the lead singer of a rock band. By industry standards, Shauna GRANT was early in her career when it suddenly came to an end. In a filmed interview, she said that "wasn't ready" to try anal sex, which usually marks a starlet rather than a star. She also did only "boy-girl" scenes; most porn actresses do many "girl-girl" scenes. Soon Shauna GRANT progressed to filming "hardcore" scenes for Suze RANDALL. Veteran porn producer Bobby HOLLANDER launched Shauna GRANT's movie career. As a fast-rising adult film personality she was featured in Virginia, Suzie Superstar, and Flesh and Lace, among many others. Her pay rose from $300 a day to nearly $1,500. Off-screen she traveled in limousines and stayed in first-class hotels. Shauna was provided with her own make-up artist, Laurie SMITH, age 27. Her popularity earned her three acting nominations at the March 1984 Erotic Film Awards. Despite her beauty she had some difficulty getting work due to her cocaine addiction and lack of "enthusiasm" during sex scenes. In some circles she acquired the nickname "Applecoke". She became "flaky", cancelling appointments, forgetting others, and skipping more. In 1983, Shauna GRANT retired from the adult film industry after less than a year and just over 30 movies. She disliked the industry, although she regarded Joey SILVERA well [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Shauna GRANT].

About Liza HARPER : Liza HARPER (born March 21, 1976) a French pornstar. Liza began performing in 1994, when she turned 18 years old, with LAETITIA. Her first movie was Perversity in Paris. Liza HARPER then moved to the United States in 1995 and began performing in pro-am video industry. She moved to professional productions in 1996. She disappeared from the scene in the early 2000s, but in 2004-2005 began appearing again, primarily in Internet-based productions & a few porn magazines [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Liza HARPER].

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