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Pornstars I-L



Suraya JAMAL
JAY La Belle
Kathleen JENTRY
Marilyn JESS
Candye KANE
Sharon KANE
Krystina KING
Nikki KING
Kimberly KUPPS
Brigitte LAHAIE
Chasey LAIN
Francesca LE
Heather LEE
Miko LEE
Rikki LEE
Sarenna LEE
Tamara LEE
Leanni LEI
Christine LEVAL
Georgina LEMPKIN
Rebecca LORD
Trinity LOREN
Amber LYNN
Ginger LYNN
Micky LYNN
Porsche LYNN

Porn Magazines Featuring SEXSTARS I-L

Up-to-date selection of Porn Magazines Featuring your favorite SEXSTARS sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAME from I to L :

Suraya JAMAL, Jenna JAMESON, JAY Sweet, Kathleen JENTRY, Marilyn JESS, Lynden JOHNSON, Sabrina JOHNSON, Debbie JORDAN, Candye KANE, Sharon KANE, Joy KARINS, Uschi KARNAT, KASCHA, KATSUMI, KEISHA, Angel KELLY, Jill KELLY, Toni KESSERING, Krystina KING, Nikki KING, Joy KISS, Kayla KLEEVAGE, Nyrobi KNIGHTS, Dawn KNUDSEN, Kimberley KUPPS, Brigitte LAHAIE, Laura LAMBKIN, Karen LANCAUME, Chasey LAIN, Dyanna LAUREN, Carole LAURIE, Francesca LE, Heather LEE, Miko LEE, Rikki LEE, Sarenna LEE, Tamara LEE, Leanni LEI, Barbara LEGRAND, Megan LEIGH, Lynn LE MAY, Georgina LEMPKIN, Christine LEVAL, Mai LIN, Mei LING, Lisa LIPPS, Jeanette LITTLEDOVE, Rebecca LORD, Traci LORDS, Trinity LOREN, Cara LOTT, Linda LOVELACE, Leean LOVELACE, LOVETTE, Olga LOVI, Amber LYNN, Ginger LYNN, Micky LYNN, Porsche LYNN.

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More sexstars from I to L we are familiar with :

Marella INARI, Erin IRELAND, Kylie IRELAND, Georgina JACKSON, Hether JACKSON, Joyce JACKSON, Mary JACKSON, Janet JACME, Autumn JADE, Kendra JADE, Layla JADE, Cal JAMER, Casey JAMES, Frank JAMES, Kevin JAMES, Claudia JAMSSON, JANINE, Nadine JANSEN, Cheri JANVIER, Natalie JAY, Sabrina JAYDE, Pam JENNINGS, Tove JENSEN, Nadine JENSEN, JENTEAL, Sammi JESSOP, Dina JEWEL, Cheri JOHNAVAR, Bodil JOENSEN, Debbie JOHNSON, Chloe JONES, Alex JORDAN, Bianca JORDAN, Sabrina JUERGENS, Jessica JUGGS, Gina JURANE, Isabelle JURKE, Teanna KAI, Ines KALKUTTA, Kimberly KANE, Agnes KAPOLI, Sandra KARENINA, Anna KARMA, Melinda KARMON, Hedwig KASER, Kathy KASH, Ramona KASSEL, Michele KATZ, Katja KEAN, KELLEI, Lisa KELLY, KELLY JEAN, Maud KENNEDY, Nikki KENNEDY, Patricia KENNEDY, Bridgette KERKOVE, Johnny KEYES, Dyana KILL, Melissa KINE, Elizabeth KING, Katalin KIRALY, Diane KISABONYI, Adrienne KLASS, Casey KLEEVAGE, Iva KLEINOVA, Ariel KNIGHT, Kristarrah KNIGHT, Veronica KNIGHT, Nikki KNIGHTS, Starry KNIGHTS, Nikki KNOCKERS, Victoria KNOLL, Veri KNOTTY, Jennifer KNOXT, Paige KNOXT, Melody KORD, Kathleen KRISTAL, Silvia KRISTEL, K-SANDRA, Kayla KUPCAKES, KURUMI, Cindy LABELLE, Jay LABELLE, Denisa LA BOUCHE, Lady EROTICON, LAETITIA aka LAETICIA, C.J LAING, Crystal LAKE, Christi LAKE, Lisa LAKE, Laura LANCELOT, Silvia LANCOME, Holly LANDERS, Breezy LANE, Derek LANE, Desiree LANE, Krista LANE, Isabelle LANGANGE, Adeline LANGE, Jeanette LANGE, Diamond LA ROCCE, Joanne LATHAM, Danuta LATO, Charlie LATOUR, Ashley LAUREN, Leigh LAUREN, Szilvia LAUREN, Draghixa LAURENT, Shayla LAVEAUX, Sally LAYD, Laura LAZARE, Solange LE CARRIO, Jean-Yves LE CASTEL, Aude LE COQ, Brandy LEDFORD, Martine LEDUC, Avena LEE, Bobbi LEE, Bud LEE, Cherry LEE, China LEE, Gene LEE, Hyapathia LEE, Jordan LEE, Kathy LEE, Lucy LEE, Nancy LEE, Tammy LEE, Vicky LEE, Zoe LEE, Louise LEEDS, Valerie LEFEVRE, Cassandra LEIGH, Frankie LEIGH, Heaven LEIGH, Lexi LEIGH, Lynda LEIGH, Wendy LEIGH, Dorothy LE MAY, Lee LEMAY, Gloria LEONARD, Renee LePAZ, Virginie LEROY, Sandy LESTER, Jeanette LIEBLING, Maria LIND, Erika LINDAUER, Kristy LION, Laura LION, Kory LIONS, Little Oral ANNIE, Lexus LOCKLEAR, Lacey LOGAN, Nicole LONDON, LONG DONG SILVER, Ashley LONG, Lana LONG, Woody LONG, Jessica LONGE, Cindy LORD, Stacy LORDS, LORELEI, Lisa LORING, Evelyn LORRY, Jacqueline LORRIANS, Dagmar LOST, Betty LOVE, Katja LOVE, Lotta LOVE, Tracy LOVE, Laurie LOVETT, Gena LOVITT, Big Tits LUCY, Ava LUSTRA, Rick LUTZE, Petite LUV, Carol LYNN, Dana LYNN, Debra LYNN, Kata LYNN, Kristy LYNN, Mariah LYNN, Brandi LYONS, Laura LYNNWOOD.

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About Janet JACME : Janet JACME (born October 22, 1967 in Chicago, Illinois) is a black porn star. Janet appeared in films & men's magazines throughout the early and mid-90's, during which time she became one of the most successful black porn actresses. Janet JACME was known for her "girl-next-door" looks, small breasts, shapely buttocks and her willingness to engage in anal sex. Jacme is also known to her fans for her loud vocalizations during sex scenes. She frequently worked onscreen with Julian ST.JOX. Janet JACME has been a centerfold of Blacktail magazine. Her stage name is a play on Janet JACKSON (who Janet JACME is said to resemble), with a homonym of the suggestive phrase "Jack me" as her last name. After retiring in the mid 1990s, Janet JACME has returned to the adult industry in recent years. She created her own production company, called Janet JACME Enterprises, and began directing as well as appearing in films. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Janet JACME].

About Dina JEWEL : Dina JEWEL (also known as Chris DE MAY, Dina JUWEL and Nanna GIBSON) is the most common alias for the Norwegian pornstar Nanna GRONNEVIK (born February 1, 1978). Dina has been in many European and American porn maagzines & adult movies. Dina JEWEL is one of the most successful Norwegian porn stars, though her career began in Sweden due to the limited nature of the pornographic magazine & film industry in Norway. Dina got into porn film in her late teens, first working in European hardcore. Among her notable European work is World Sex Tour 13. American producers signed her as a talent shortly after in the mid-90s. Dina JEWEL's first American works were for Private Video. Her first notable American work is Nasty Nymphos 20. Dina seems relaxed in front of the camera and her early roles give no hints of tension. Dina JEWEL was Miss February 1998 Penthouse Pet of the Month. As of late 1999, Dina left the porno industry. Among her notable works include Amateur Madness 28, These Girls Walk?, Ass Treasures, Butt Banged Hitchhiking Whores, and Seymore Butts's Think Sphinc. Dina JEWEL also did a photo shooting for the German Playboy (12/96). [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Dina JEWEL].

About Bridgette KERKOVE : Bridgette KERKOVE (born February 8, 1977 in Los Angeles, California) is an American pornostar. Bridgette KERKOVE began her porn career in January of 1999. Less than a year later she won the 2000 AVN Best New Starlet Award. In 1999, she broke the adult video record for the most sex scenes done in one year, performing in 203 sex scenes in 344 days. In 2000 she did 205 sex scenes in 319 days. She had 13 nominations for the 2001 AVN awards, more than any other male or female pornstar, although she was awarded only one - Most Outrageous Sex Scene for her performance in In The Days of Whore. That same year she won the Venus Award for Best American Actress. Bridgette KERKOVE is famous for her anal performances which includes anal creampies and double anal. Bridgette claims that her orgasms are always real in her movies especially when being penetrated by large black penises in all of her holes. She is considered a double anal and cum queen. Her own feature series is titled Bridgette's Hellions. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Bridgette KERKOVE].

About Dorothy LeMAY : Dorothy LeMAY is a former American adult film actress, who was active in porn from the late 1970's until the early 1980's. Dorothy LeMAY is best remembered for her role as Sherry McBride in the adult classics Taboo and Taboo II. She also starred in the memorable 1981 porn thriller Night Dreams, which featured her first interracial scene. Dorothy LeMAY was working at the University of California, Berkeley in 1976 when she got her start in porn doing "loops" after answering an ad in their paper that said "make $300 a day." Dorothy LeMAY ran out of the theater crying after seeing her first film Formal Faucet, she felt that it was a "disaster" because her voice was dubbed over with someone else's, and it "didn't make sense". She had worked on Formal Faucet 18 hours a day for three days. The experience bothered her so much that she considered getting out of the business. However, her second film Sensual Encounters of Every Kind was a much better experience and she ended up staying in the industry for a few more years appearing in both movie & porn magazine. Dorothy ended up leaving the adult magazine & movie business after filming her scenes for Night Dreams in 1981, because she had just broken up with her boyfriend and had a good job at ABC Messenger Service in LA. A few films (notably Taboo II) were released after Night Dreams because they were already filmed before she left the business. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Dorothy LeMAY].

About Krysti LYNN : Krysti LYNN (February 26, 1971 - December 7, 1995) was an American porn star. Krysti LYNN started out as a dancer and a model, becoming at one point a Penthouse Pet. Krysti then entered the adult magazines & film industry in 1993. She quickly began a relationship with John STAGLIANO, starring in a number of his productions. The physical side of the relationship ended in January 1994 - Krysti wanted to get married and have kids; STAGLIANO did not. They remained very close though, and continued to work together afterwards. Krysti LYNN died on December 7, 1995 when the car she was driving went off a road at 100 mph and fell 150 feet into a ravine. At the time of her death, John STAGLIANO was in the early stages of filming his then-most expensive production. The $150,000 movie, entitled Lunatic Prima Donna, would have starred Krysti LYNN and have featured a number of songs written by her. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Krysti LYNN].

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