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Pornstars M-Q



Sunny Mc KAY
Sarah Mc LEAN
Tonisha MILLS
Carolyn MONROE
Demia MOOR
Chessie MOORE
Melanie MOORE
Taylor MOORE
Barbara MOOSE
Tiffany MYNX
Kristi MYST
Jackie NORTH
Jennifer NOXT
Brittany O'CONNELL
Stacy OWEN
Victoria PARIS
Roberta PEDON
Jeanine PEPPER
Astrid PILS
Alexandria QUINN

Sex Magazines Featuring PORNSTARS M-Q

Unique selection of top quality Sex Magazines Featuring the following Pornstars sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAME from M to Q :

Color Climax Superstar Anna MAREK aka Anuschka MAREK, Timea MARGOT, Carole MARNIE, Lea MARTINI, Kerry MATTHEWS, Shanna McCULLOUGH, Sylvia Mc FARLAND, Sunny McKAY, Linzi-Dawn McKENZIE, Sarah McLEAN, Brit Babe Shona Mc TAVISH, Sean MICHAELS, Tonisha MILLS, Joo MIN LEE, MINKA, Mimi MIYAGI, Carolyn MONROE, Tami MONROE, Demia MOOR, Ali MOORE, Melanie MOORE, Chessie MOORE, Taylor MOORE, Kate MORE, Barbara MOOSE, Clara MORGANE, Mandy MOUNTJOY, Tiffany MYNX, Kristi MYST, Kitten NATIVIDAD, Sue NERO, Ashley NICOLE, Cody NICOLE, Jackie NORTH, Peter NORTH, Jennifer NOXT, Brittany O'CONNELL, OLINKA, Monica ORSINI, Stacy OWEN, Victoria PARIS, Julia PARTON, Nicky PEARCE, Dina PEARL, Tawny PEARL, Roberta PEDON, Jeanine PEPPER, Lisa PHILLIPS, Michelle PHILLIPS, Dawn PHOENIX, Astrid PILS, Patty PLENTY, Paula PRICE, Penelope PUMPKINS, Alexandria QUINN.

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Helen MADIGAN, MAEVA, Veronique MAGAURSKI, Annette MAYBACH, Brick MAJORS, Anna MALLE, Martha MALLORY, Michelle MALONE, Roberto MALONE, Chelsea MANCHESTER, Heather MANFIELD, Mona MANGUSTA, Pamela MANN, Pat MANNING, Tony MANSFIELD, Jewel MARCEAU, Jade MARCELLA, Nicole MARFI, Harrison MARKS, Lili MARLENE, Sandrine MAROVE, Angie MARSTON, Gina MARTELL, Danielle MARTIN, Jon MARTIN, Marilyn MARTIN, Katarina MARTINEZ, Lexi MARTINEZ, Melissa MASTERS, Jody MAXWELL, April MAY, Jessica MAY, Susan McBAIN, Misty McCAINE, Holly Mc CALL, Jenny Mc CARTHER, Shona Mc FARLANE, Daniella McNEILL, Julia MEADOWS, Julie MEADOWS, Sarah MEALING, Lisa MELENDEZ, Melissa MELENDEZ, Honey MELONS, Cathy MENARD, Cora MENSON, Raysheena MERCADO, Amber MICHAELS, Merle MICHAELS, Dallas MIKO, Julia MILES, Monica MILES, Mary MILLINGTON, Tiffany MILLION, Lizzie MILLS, Greta MILOS, Mia MILUV, Millie MINCHIN, Regine MIRAGE, Angelica MIRAI, MISS FRANCE, Carrie MITCHELL, Sharon MITCHELL, Andrea MOLNAR, MONA LISA, Alicia MONET, Constance MONEY, Janet MONROE, Michelle MONROE, Nikki MONTANA, Tony MONTANA, China MOON, Honey MOONS, Madison MOONS, Jodie MOORE, Ursula MOORE, C.C MORE, Jill MORENA, Britt MORGAN, Lorna MORGAN, Mimi MORGAN, Penny MORGAN, Renee MORGAN, Tiffany MORGAN, Nathalie MORIN, David MORRIS, Michael MORRISON, Vera MOSER, Melissa MOUNDS, Maxi MOUNDS, Mandy MISTERY, Sonja MUERE, Natascha MUTI, Helena MYKONOS, Hitoni NAKAMURA, Carole NASH, Cindy NASTY, Georgette NEALE, Cindy NELSON, Jannie NEILSON, Barbara NERI, Isabelle NEYLE, Wade NICHOLS, Isis NILE, Kai NOBEL, Laurie NOEL, Nicole NOIR, Debbie NORTHRUP, Kassi NOVA, Layla NOVA, Sandra NOVA, Molly O'BRIEN, Vivian O'HARA, Brittany O'NEILL, OBSESSION, OCEANE, OLIVIA, Kelly O'DELL, Cathy O'NEAL, Claire ORCHIDEA, Eva ORLOWSKI, Kathy O'REILEY, ORSOLYA, Cherry OWEN, Richard PACHECO, Mona PAGE, Laura PALMER, Rock PAMPLIN, Sylvia PANDA, Romy PANTHERA, Julie PARADIS, Maurizia PARADISO, Kay PARKER, Alexa PARKS, Tera PATRICK, Fawn PARIS, Kim PARKS, Purple PASSION, Zusana PAVLOW, Via PAXTON, George PAYNE, Platinium PEAKS, Gillian PEARL, Aunt PEG, PEGGY SUE, Patti PETITE, Dana PLATO, Cindy PEREZ, Polly PERKINS, Gaella PERREIRA, Julia PERRIN, Monique PERRY, Teresa PERRY, Malisa PETERS, Nicole PETERS, Chris PETERSON, Francesca PETITJEAN, Rhonda Jo PETTY, Louise PIKE, Fluffy PILLOWS, Sandi PINNEY, Nikki PLATTS, Linda PODESTA, Gabriel PONTELLO, Penny PORSCHE, Mia POWERS, Rumika POWERS, Steve POWERS, Moana POZZI, Chanel PRICE, Eric PRICE, Martina PRINCE, Sheila PRINCESS, Andy PRISCILLA.


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About Jade MARCELLA : Jade MARCELA (born June 22, 1980 in Hawaii) is an Asian American porn star. She is sometimes credited as Marcela JADE, Jade MARCELA, or Jade MARCELAS. Her sister, Nyomi MARCELA, is also an adult actress; their parents are both Indonesian. Jade MARCELA entered the adult magazines & film industry in the beginning of 1999, not long after her eighteenth birthday. She has appeared in over 100 adult films & porn magazines to date. Jade MARCELLA has even delved into bukkake in American Bukkake 4. One of her most notable role was in Snoop Dogg's Doggystyle, which mixes hip-hop music and pornography. In nearly every film Jade appears she participates in an anal scene, as she did in Dogg's Doggystyle with Mr. MARCUS. Some of her other titles are 'Stop! My Ass is on Fire', 'Ass Worship', 'Whoriental Sex Academy', as well as many, many more. However, the most popular of her movies are her early films in which she appears in a school girl uniform. According to her sister Nyomi, Jade is now a "housewife" whose husband would probably not approve of her doing any more boy/girl scenes, although she does appear in girl/girl scenes for her line of movies Defiance Films. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Jade MARCELLA]

About Bridgette MONET : Bridgette MONET (born Dana KUNATH in 1959) is an American pornstar who was active in the porn industry in the early 1980s. Regarded as one of the few "high class" porn stars, Bridgette MONET had a personal pictorial in the March 1984 issue of men's magazine PLAYBOY. In contrast to such porn stars of the same era as Marilyn CHAMBERS and SERENA - who usually portrayed sexually aggressive women in porn magazines - Bridgette often portrayed 'sexual awakening' and 'the seduced innocent' roles in her adult movie career, capitalizing on her girl next door attractiveness and on-screen persona. Under the name Sara HAMPSHIRE she also worked as a BDSM model for sex magazines and videos. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Bridgette MONET]

About Tara MONROE : Tara MONROE (birth name Valerie WELLS, born 25 April 1973 in New York City, New York) the sister of Tami MONROE, is a redheaded actress who made a name for herself in adult films & sex magazines. Tara MONROE got into porn in 1993 at the urging of her older sister and her relationship with adult actor/director John DECKER. Tami MONROE had entered the adult movie business years earlier. Tara won an award for best house dancer of the year (as Valerie MONROE) from Bust Out men's Magazine in 1994. She starred in over 50 movies & dozens adult magazines during her time in the industry. Tara was a presenter, along with her sister at the 1994 Adult Video News rewards. Tara MONROE retired from the adult-film industry in 1996. After movies/ sex magazine appearances, she started modeling clothing lines in the late 1990's for Tapout and other active sportswear groups. She also danced at a strip club in California until 2003. She has since retired as a stripper from the adult business entirely. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Tara MONROE]

About Vera MOSER : Vera MOSER also known as Veronica MOSER is a German scat porn star. Born in Austria, Vera MOSER worked as a secretary, then a model, and in 1987, started appearing in scatological pornographic movies & sex magazines. Vera MOSER is the most popular scat porn star, and is renowned for her enthusiasm. Initially reluctant to scatological sex, Veronica MOSER trained herself to enjoy it by eating her own feces daily. Vera MOSER is still active in porn, and works as a dominatrix/submissive at a dungeon in Berlin. Also scatlovers can meet her in her own home in Berlin. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Vera MOSER]

About Maxi MOUNDS : Maxi MOUNDS is an American model, stripper and adult entertainer from Long Island, New York, known for her extraordinarily large breasts. She is also considered fairly tall for an adult entertainer, standing at over 6 feet in height. Maxi MOUNDS has polypropylene string breast implants which is also used by Chelsea CHARMS and MINKA to achieve very large bust sizes. Her breasts weigh 20 pounds apiece. Maxi MOUNDS holds the Guinness World Record for the "World's Largest Augmented Breasts". She approached Guinness in August of 2003, but the category did not yet exist. After creating the category the Guinness organization contacted her to request her measurements and other documentation. She was presented with an official certificate that reads: Maxi MOUNDS (USA) was measured at Sarasota, Florida, on 4 February 2005 and found to have an under breast measurement of 91.44 cm (36 in) and an around chest-over-nipple measurement of 153.67 cm (60.5 in). She currently wears a US size 42M bra. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Maxi MOUNDS]

About Kassi NOVA : Kassi NOVA (born February 18, 1966) is an Turkish adult film star with her trademark of long nails which average three inches. She began in the porn magazines industry in 1988 and retired in 2001. Kassi NOVA was discovered by the porn director Chi Chi LARUE in 1988 while working at a sandwich shop. Kassi NOVA has been in over 100 films & tons of sex magazines consisting of anal, oral, group sex, and lesbianism. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Kassi NOVA]

About Connie PETERSON : Connie PETERSON was a porn star from the "Golden Age" of the porn industry. Connie was active from 1978-1987. Her work has been anthologized several times and is best known in the premier classic anthology Only the Best. Connie PETERSON was famous for her blonde hair, slender physique and her willingness to do almost anything onscreen. Connie's enthusiastic performances convinced many viewers and producers alike that she was really enjoying the experience. Connie PETERSON was famous for her oral skils and she did anal scenes at a time when most actresses didn’t perform them. In one movie (Ball Game – Cabellero Video) Connie reportedly performed as the body double in anal scenes for both Tiffany CLARK and Jennifer WEST. Ms. Connie also performed with black men at a time when few white women would. Her groundbreaking interracial gangbang scenes are some of the first on film & sexmagazines. Later in her career she performed as the “center” in double penetration scenes and as the token female in some gay videos. Connie's rise to fame and disappearance from the adult movie industry were both very rapid. Connie PETERSON has a small cult following still today [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Connie PETERSON]

About Moana POZZI : Moana POZZI, often called simply Moana, complete name was Anna Moana Rosa POZZI (April 27, 1961 - September 15, 1994) was an Italian pornstar. She was with CICCIOLINA the most famous Italian pornographic actress. Moana was sometimes credited in the earliest films as Linda HEVERET. She was 1.78 m tall and her breasts were a natural size 5 (no surgery). Moana POZZI performed in about 100 porn movies, mostly in Italy, some in Los Angeles with Gerard DAMIANO as director. She sold about 1 million videotapes. Moana POZZI graced the covers of 50 major sex magazines, not including pictorials in 100s porn magazines. She was reportedly worth more than 50 billion 1990 Italian liras, about 40 million Euros. Some of her profits were donated posthumously to funding medical research on tumors. The Italian movie Guardami ("Look at Me") is based on her life. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Moana POZZI]

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