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Pornstars R-S



Taija RAE
Julie RAGE
Stephanie RAGE
Sibylle RAUCH
Catherine RINGER
Alicia RIO
Elle RIO
Charlene ROBEN
Danielle ROGERS
Natalie ROMMEL
Lacey ROSE
Marilyn ROSE
Summer ROSE
Daniella RUSH
Haley Jane RUSSELL
Rachel RYAN
Silvia SAINT
Dominique SIMONE
Charmane STAR
Elizabeth STARR
Crystal STORM
Samantha STRONG
Helga SVEN
Stephanie SWIFT
Charmaine SYNCLAIR

Porn Magazines Featuring PORNOSTARS R-S

World largest selection of Porn Magazines Featuring the following Pornostars sorted by the First letter of their LAST NAME from R to S :

Taija RAE, Julie RAGE, Stephanie RAGE, Nikki RANDALL, Mike RANGER, Sibylle RAUCH, RAVEN, Misty REAGAN, Dee Dee REEVES, Tammy REYNOLDS, Raven RICHARDS, Catherine RINGER, Alicia RIO, Elle RIO, Rocki ROADS, Charlene ROBEN, Danielle ROGERS, Natalie ROMMEL, Lacey ROSE, Marilyn ROSE, Summer ROSE, Clyda ROSEN, Daniella RUSH, Haley Jane RUSSELL, Tania RUSSOF, Rachel RYAN, Holly RYDER, Laure SAINCLAIR, Sylvia SAINT, Candy SAMPLES, Bolivia SAMSONITE, Loni SANDERS, Laura SANDS, SAVANNAH, Alexa SCHIFFER, Karin SCHUBERT, Sandra SCREAM, SEKA, SERENA, Kitty SHANE, Mila SHEGAL, SIERRA, Devon SHIRE, Rocco SIFFREDI, SILVER, Dominique SIMONE, SOLANGE LeCarrio, Alice SPRINGS, Nicky STANTON, Charmane STAR, Elizabeth STARR, Alicyn STERLING, Nici STERLING, Crystal STORM, Samantha STRONG, Nancy SUITER, Jamie SUMMERS, Helga SVEN, Jenny SWANSON, Stephanie SWIFT, Charmaine SYNCLAIR.

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Tamara RADAZ, Mindy RAE, Delania RAFINO, Randi RAGE, Zenza RAGGI, Taylor RAIN, Rebecca RAMADA, Ditta RAMAY, Dick RAMBONE, Nadja RAMENKOV, Ava RAMON, Liz RANDALL, Nick RANDOM, Silvia RAUCH, Alexa RAY, Danica RAY, Micky RAY, RAYLENE, RAYEVENESS, April RAYNE, Misty REAGAN, Julia REAVES, Lena REBROVA, Jennifer RED, Pamela RED, Joana REDGRAVE, Laura REDWINE, Chris REED, Harry REEMS, Ashley RENEE, Kailani REID, Tina REID, Kaito REMANOTO, Denise REMPLACE, RJ REYNOLDS, Riny REY, Valentino REY, Alicia RHODES, Rusty RHODES, Rita RICARDO, Keli RICHARDS, Nikki RIDER, Anita RINALDI, Sandra RING, Veronica RIO, Rachel RIOS, Rio RIVERS, Tanya RIVERS, Craig ROBERTS, Eva ROBERTS, Gilda ROBERTS, Yuma ROBERTSON, Janey ROBBINS, Monica ROCCAFORTE, Beatrix ROCHE, Sophie ROCHE, Rachel ROCKETTS, Tipy ROCKS, Lilly RODGERS, Anna RODRIGUEZ, Amy ROGERS, Roxanne ROLLAN, Rebecca ROMAN, Karla ROMANO, Greg ROME, Amber ROSE, Dusty ROSE, Honey ROSE, Zoe ROSE, ROSEMARIE, Karma ROSENBERG, Tina ROSS, Claudia ROSSI, Melanie ROWAN, Candida ROYALE, Kelly ROYCE, Tereza RUBENS, SABER, SADE, Adriana SAGE, SAHARA, Ellen SAINT, Nathalie SALLAI, Ebony Busty SALLY, Gregor SAMSA, Lara SANCHEZ, Sonia SANCHEZ, Coral SANDS, Lana SANDS, Pia SANDS, Sahara SANDS, Kim SAUNDERS, Becky SAVAGE, Daniella SCHIFFER, Florinda SCHIFFER, Megan SCHMIDT, Lydia SCHONE, Kitten SCOTT, Melanie SCOTT, Gabrielle SCREAM, Sally SCUDS, Krisztina SEBIANY, Samantha SEX, Michael SHANE, SHARDAY, Marie SHARP, Linda SHAW, Amanda SHEAR, Michelle SHEPPARD, Candy SHIELDS, Petra SHORT, Jane SIKES, Cheyenne SILVER, Julie SILVER, Stacy SILVER, Joey SILVERA, Cameron SIMMS, Brigitte SIMONIN, Helen SIMPSON, Veronica SINCLAIR, Nikki SINN, Kitty SIXX, Irina SKOLL, Ali SKY, Gili SKY, Brittney SKYE, Natasha SKYLAR, Shelia SLADE, Earl SLATE, Fred SLINGER, Roberta SMALLWOOD, Mia SMILES, Laurie SMITH, Anna Nicole SMITH aka Vickie SMITH, Beata SMORJAI, Pia SNOW, Pam SNYDER, Sylvia SOPIA, Mihele SOAVY, Kristina SODERSZKY, Sophia SOLANA, PJ SOMMERS, Hilary SOUTH, Serena SOUTH, Elaine SOUTHERN, Bobbi SOX, Carolina SPAGNOLI, Julia SPAIN, Charlene SPARK, Susie SPARKS, Suzy SPARK, Lisa SPARXX, P.J SPARXX, Georgina SPELVIN, Annie SPRINKLE, Sara SPRINKS, Dominique ST.CLAIR, Jasmine ST.CLAIR, Jessie ST.JAMES, Saki ST.JERMAINE, Julian ST.JOX, Sofia STACKS, Ilona STALLER, Mike STAPP, Athena STAR, Briana STAR, Csila STAR, Ela STAR aka Daniella STAR, Regan STAR, Ken STARBUCK, Stella STARR, Savanna STAXXX, Jake STEED, Dan STEEL, Amanda STEELE, Chandler STEELE, Madison STEELE, Rebecca STEELE, Selena STEELE, Fiona STEELS, Adele STEPHENS, Charlotte STEPHIE, Gayle STERLING, Jay STERLING, Tabitha STEVENS, Jennifer STEWART, Keli STEWART, Brittany STONE, Jacqueline STONE, Jennifer STONE, Lynn STONE, Mia STONE, Sandy STONE, Sara STONE, Sheila STONE, Alexis STORM, Alicyn STORM, Lana STORM, Violet STORM, Joanna STORM, Julie STRAIN, Lisa STREET, Lisa STRETTON, Brittany STRYKER, Sasha STRANGE, Sandy STYLE, April SUMMER, Karen SUMMER, Angela SUMMERS, Cyndee SUMMERS, Hilary SUMMERS, Renee SUMMERS, Terri SUMMERS, Wade SUMMERS, Maria SUN, Kyoto SUN, Sylvia SUN, Becky SUNSHINE, Pamela SURRANO, Color Climax Model SUZI, Suzi SUZUKI, Jody SWAFFORD, Jay SWEET, Vicky SWEET, Monica SWEETHEART, Victoria SWINGER, Sydnee SYEELE, Nicoletta SZABO.


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About Ashley RENEE : Ashley RENEE (born May 22, 1964 in Los Angeles, California) is a well-known adult film producer, director and bondage model and pornstar who has appeared in many bondage sex magazines and films for over twenty years and continues to perform and produce to this day. Ashley RENEE is one of the few performers who have been able to survive in a niche porn magazines industry that known for its high turn over rate and fear of older performers. But despite that, Ashley has succeeded in developing legion of loyal repeat fans who continue to support her and her film productions. Ashley RENEE has also used the stage name Micki MARSEILLE for non-bondage work. Ashley RENEE has done non-bondage modelling for MacandBumble.com, as well as Danni's Hard Drive and explicit hardcore erotica for Score men's Magazine. A compilation video of her earlier sex hardcore film recordings has been released by New Machine Studios.

She signed an exclusive contract with Arrow Productions in the late 90's. However, it's in the bondage and fetish genre that her impact is best known. As a prolific model for Harmony Concepts, Inc. alongside models such as Whitney PRESCOTT, Darla CRANE, and Kristine IMBOCH she was part of a resurgent bondage industry that is considered by some to be a so-called "Golden Age" of bondage photography. Ashley RENEE mostly produces and direct now for her own company, though occasionally she still does work with other well known production companies in this genre. Ashley's physical measurements are 34D-25-34 (86-64-86 cm). She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, and she has black hair and dark eyes. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Ashley RENEE]

About Alicia RHODES : Alicia RHODES (born September 8, 1978) is a British pornstar, currently working in the United States. Alicia RHODES was born in Manchester, England. Alicia has gained fame through her anal sex and interracial sex (often with multiple partners simultaneously), and her naturally large bust. Early in her career she appeared in bukkake porn magazines sets. Alicia RHODES is also known for her use of filthy language whilst engaging in sex acts, often taunting male performers and demanding they abuse her. Combining these fetishistic acts, in a movie entitled 7 the Hard Way 2, seven male performers repeatedly have intercourse with her then queue to ejaculate on her face. She has also appeared in many double penetration sex magazines photoshoots. Alicia has the ability to deep throat. Alicia states that as a child, she idolized Page Three girls such as Samantha FOX and prayed for large breasts. She has posed for HUSTLER men's magazine. She has done a film for Fiona COOPER. Alicia RHODES originally started out as a Page 3 wannabe, but was rejected on numerous occasions for being "too fat", which resulted in her entry to the porn industry. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Alicia RHODES]

About Adriana SAGE : Adriana SAGE (born April 16, 1980), is a Mexican pornstar and model. She is sometimes credited as Alana MORENO or Adrianna SAGE. Raised in San Diego, California, Adriana SAGE began her career at age 18 after moving to Riverside, California, and working at a nearby strip club as a stripper. Six months later, she was recruited by an adult talent manager and, days later, began to model for adult magazines and pose. Adriana began her career in adult film in 1999, and has appeared in nearly 80 films since. Early in her career she did mostly hardcore scenes, but became increasingly interested in doing softer lesbian movies. By the beginning of 2003, she had begun building up her web presence and reentered the business after a short hiatus. Adrianna SAGE is currently semi-retired, having decided to no longer perform in boy/girl (heterosexual) sex scenes. She continues to pose and shoot videos exclusively for her website. Adriana has also begun feature dancing at various gentlemen's clubs. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Adriana SAGE]

About Aurora SNOW : Aurora SNOW (born November 26, 1981 in Santa Maria, California, USA) is an American pornstar and occasional director. After her first year of college, she answered an employment-advertisement for nude modeling. From there Aurora SNOW moved on to pornography. She continued her education but changed her major to Business. Despite her choice of career, Aurora was initially very inexperienced sexually. She performed primarily in Gonzo films & sex magazines, although now she has focused more on traditional, plot-based films, or Features. Her first movie was called More Dirty Debs 152 by Ed POWERS. As with other modern female porn-stars, like GAUGE, Taylor RAIN, and Jenna HAZE, she has gained fame due to her enthusiastic performances involving anal sex, deep throating, semen swallowing and ass-to-mouth. Another little-known fact is that Aurora SNOW performed in a few adult movies in Japan, featuring her 'wrestling' with Japanese men and girls, and then having sex with them. These films are only available in Japan and are hard to come by in the United States. She has also moved into directing and is a hostess on Playboy TV. During the last few years Aurora SNOW has starred in over 300 hardcore productions and has become one of the most popular and well known porn actresses in America. A high point of her career thus far, was being awarded Best Female Performer 2003 at the AVN Awards. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Aurora SNOW]

About Jessie ST.JAMES : Jesie ST.JAMES is a pornographic actress from the "Golden Age" of the porn industry. Among her earlier films were Blonde Fire and Insatiable. Jessie ST.JAMES worked with some of the top names of the 1970s and 1980s (such as Brooke WEST, Desiree WEST, Samantha FOX, SEKA, SERENA, Paul THOMAS, and Herschel SAVAGE). Jessie ST. JAMES was active from 1977-1990, and then, after more than a decade hiatus, began to appear in new films in 2002. Her work has been anthologized in several retrospectives of classic performances as well as dozens Retro porn magazines. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Jessie ST.JAMES]

About Selena STEELE : Selena STEELE (born January 17, 1961 in Los Angeles, California, USA) is the stage name of an American exotic dancer and pornstar, who was primarily active from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s. With a dancer's physique, moderate breast enhancements, and long dark hair, Selena STEELE became a favorite of many fans who did not care for the generic blonde pornstars of the time. Selena STEELE's career consisted mainly of being on the strip club dance circuit for long stretches at a time, with comparatively brief returns to California to shoot movies & porn magazines. As a result, Selena STEELE appeared in fewer than 40 porn films & men's mags during the approximately five year period of her heyday. She claimed to not have any sex while on her dance circuit, and that essentially her entire sex life for several years consisted of what was shot for porn magazines, which contributed to her obvious enthusiasm and frequent apparent orgasms in her videos. Her performances on film originally consisted mostly of vaginal intercourse and oral sex. Her first on-screen anal sex scene was featured in the movie STEELE Butt in 1993. She also starred in two movies of Gangbang Girl series which featured extensive anal sex and continued to perform anal scenes for several years afterward. After 1993, Selena STEELE essentially disappeared from the porn movie industry for almost ten years. She resurfaced in the 2000s, primarily in specialty movies for the MILF market, enjoying a career comeback that trades in on her earlier fame. While older, Selena STEELE still maintains an attractive figure and shoulder-length brunette hair. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Selena STEELE]

About Tabitha STEVENS : Tabitha STEVENS (born February 16, 1970 in Long Island, New York) is an American porn star. Tabitha STEVENS was active in the porn magazines industry for ten years, appearing in more than two hundred adult films & dozens sex magazines. She came to wider public notoriety with her appearances on the Howard Stern Show, and her openness about her numerous plastic surgeries. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Tabitha STEVENS]

About Cyndee SUMMERS : Cyndee SUMMERS was an American born pornstar. Her career spanned from the early 1970s on into the late 1980s. Cyndee first entered the adult magazines industry during the beginning of the hardcore porn era (early 1970s). At first, Cyndee SUMMERS made many short hardcore loops, then later on in her career graduated to longer features. Cyndee was best known for her long red hair and large breasts. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Cyndee SUMMERS]

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