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Roberta PEDON

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Roberta PEDON Vintage Porn MAGAZINES

See a sample selection of Vintage Porn Magazines with Pornstar Roberta PEDON. If there's one 70s busty classic babe who's "legendary" it got be Roberta Pedon. She was born in Ohio 1954 and was a popular model in adult magazines from 1973-1976. Even today her big 100% natural big boobs haven't lost their appeal to lots of collectors, a truely unique pair of naturals. Thank god we still have magazines to remember Roberta.

Roberta PEDON Porn Magazines Gallery :

Roberta PEDON
classic pornstar Roberta PEDON
Roberta PEDON

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About Roberta PEDON :

Roberta PEDON (born Rosma GRANTOVISKIS in Ohio in 1954) was a big-bust American glamour model & porn star who gained popularity in the 1970s. Roberta’s mother regarded her early developing daughter as a freak due to her huge breasts. Parodying her mother’s voice in her breakthrough role in Delinquent Schoolgirls was Roberta PEDON’s revenge. According to people who met her, Roberta PEDON spoke with a normal American accent. She went by the stage names of Melody O'HARE and Roberta WEAVER. Although Roberta PEDON was discovered in the USA, she appeared for the first time in a Danish pornographic magazine by Color Climax. Roberta’s appearance in Delinquent Schoolgirls was due to several people who were involved in the production also being behind a Los Angeles company that specialized in pornographic shoots and loops, giving the filmmakers the opportunity to use bust models like Roberta PEDON and Nika MOVENKA as actresses.

Roberta’s relationships with men were of a brief and turbulent nature, following repeat patterns of Roberta seeking deep emotional attachment with men who merely used and discarded her. She invariably dressed (and then undressed) as a hippie during most of her porn magazines photo shoots. Her popularity was, however, rather short-lived; in september 1975 she was imprisoned in San Francisco for drug and prostitution offences. Upon her release she was ostracized by many of her previous employers, including the people behind the Delinquent Schoolgirls film. Homeless and with drugs and her lifelong struggle against bulimia taking its toll, Her last photo shoot took place in 1976, she disappeared completely after that. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Roberta PEDON]

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My Fav Roberta PEDON Porn Movies :

BIG BUST BABES Volume 3/LADIES WITH BIG BOOBS from Alpha Blue Archives : The ultimate collection of the hottest NATURAL big tit stars strip down and show you what they’ve got! See Roberta PEDON, the hot hippy chick with a pair that put all others to shame! This Movie takes you back to the natural and honest beauty of yesterday’s big breast stars and away from the silicone cookie cutter girls you see today. Also includes the infamous Little Oral Annie, supermodel Anna Ventura, and the bowling ball knockers of Darlene "Yum Yum" English! 14 lonely bra-busters in all.

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