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Sarah YOUNG Vintage Porn Magazines

Please take a look at our selection of Vintage Porn Magazines with Pornstar Sarah YOUNG. The hottest big tit queen in vintage erotica... in some of our mags you can even enjoy kinky titty sex with Sarah YOUNG. The one and only Sarah Young in sexstoris such as Kissing Cousins, Lingerie lady, Gobble me up, Surprise visitor,...

Sarah YOUNG Porn Magazines Gallery :

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About Sarah YOUNG :

Sarah YOUNG aka Sarah Louise YOUNG (born April 15, 1971 in Kent, England) is a retired pornographic actress. Sarah YOUNG also refused to let anybody take photographs of her as a child because she was shy and introverted. Sarah was 10 when her breasts began to develop and, at school, was teased mercilessly about it. This caused her to become embarrassed about her body and she took to wearing big jumpers and loose clothing to hide her rapidly developing figure. It was while she was on a family holiday in Yugoslavia that she had her first sexual experience; the boy was a 22-year-old local and Sarah was 13. She didn’t find the experience particularly enjoyable. It wasn’t until about a year later that she became truly sexually active with the realisation that she especially enjoyed having sex - preferably with a stranger - in public places: the prospect of being caught simply adding to the excitement; and caught she was on numerous occasions. In 1986 Sarah YOUNG was approached by a photographer in the street and agreed to pose for some trial pictures for the famous Page Three of the national newspaper The Sun. The positive response to the pictures led to an invitation for Sarah to join a modelling agency, and for the first time she began to realise that most men considered her to be beautiful. Although still shy in her personal life, in front of the camera she rapidly lost all her inhibitions. She appeared in her first pornographic magazine photo shoot at age 18, modelling for PRIVATE sex magazine, Sarah YOUNG was hesitant to do the shoot as the porn industry did not have a very positive reputation in England at the time. At the urging of a friend she went ahead, and quickly concluded that the poor reputation of the porn magazines industry was undeserved. Her first hardcore scene was a gang bang with five men and she proved a willing performer - Sarah YOUNG's specialities became group sex and the 'facial' cum shot. The scenes appeared in a number of European porn magazines. In early 1992 Sarah underwent breast enhancement surgery, giving her the voluptuous figure which would be a major factor in her increasing popularity. At a time when it was still unusual for a British model to feature regularly in hardcore magazines, Sarah YOUNG starred in over 200 films & sex magazines alongside some of the best known porn actors of the time, winning a number of industry awards.

Also in 1992, Sarah YOUNG opened her first sex shop - Sarah YOUNG Erotic Markt - there would eventually be eleven such shops located in various German cities. Although the majority of the films that she appears in were made by, and for, her and her husbands company, she also performed in the period costume films Decameron – inspired by Boccaccio’s bawdy tales of the same name – and Hamlet, both of which were filmed by the renowned director Franco Lo Cascio. Having spent her career performing in, writing, producing and directing films, in 1997, as the porn industry began to switch to lower budget movies, Sarah YOUNG decided to retire from the business. [Visit the complete Wikipedia entry for Sarah YOUNG]

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