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Please take a look at our selection of Vintage Porn Magazines with Blonde Pornstar SEKA. Enjoy this fantastically sexy, depraved blonde porno star acting out erotic games for your own pleasure.

SEKA Porn Magazines Gallery :

SEKA classic pornstar
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SEKA magazine

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We do carry more Vintage Porn Magazines with Blonde Pornstar SEKA so if you are looking for something special that does not appear in this selection or if you are interested in more SEKA Vintage Porn Magazines, please just send us your SPECIAL REQUEST. We do have a much larger inventory of SEKA Vintage Porn Magazines.

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My Fav SEKA Porn Movies :

Any Time Any Place 1982 It’s a sexy caper with suspense, pizzazz and comedy: Seka plays a blonde who teams up with a couple of clumsy off-the-wall burglars. The oddball team stay barely one step ahead of the cops, but they never seem to be too worried about it, indulging in a rich variety of sexual activity. In one of their many heists they think they are stealing computers -- which turn out to be boxes of dildos! From the poolrooms and pawn shops to the rich estates that they ineptly burglarize, carnal lust manages to rear its lovely head... without a wasted moment. As always Seka is ready Any Time, Any Place! Stars:Seka,Mike Ranger,Lee Carroll,Tara Flynn,Jesse Adams,Suzanne French,Bill Margold,Nicole Bernard.

The Seduction of Cindy : The swing scene comes alive as glorious Seka and her sexy pals Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Serena, Sharon Mitchell and the beguiling Veronica Hart guide us through classic scenes of frenzied fornication and unrelenting erotica! also Starring - Beth Anna, Sharon Mitchell, Merle Michaels, Jamie Gillis and More.

Heavenly Desire : 1979 Two of adult film legendary leading ladies, the Platinum Princess SEKA and the Siren of Sensuality Serena, headline the superb cast in this kinky, erotic "deal with the devil" saga. This whimsical fable begins with the ladies playing good old "dance hall whores" in the 1880's wild wild west where their life's are good…plenty of money, whiskey and horny cow hands…that is until they get caught in the cross-hairs of an old-fashion shoot-out. Regaining consciousness sometime in the 1970's, they are confronted by a devilish Johnny Keyes who offers them a "bargain". They can continue their lascivious lifestyles enjoying endless sexual delights if they can prove they are completely unrepentant and deserving of his sinful presence. Keyes takes them to a sorority house where their challenge is to debauch the innocent coeds out of their virginity. Seka and Serena take on the task with unbridled abandon leading the naive girls into shameless and uncontrolled pleasure-seeking. When landlord, Jamie Gillis and his sex-craved secretary arrive to collect the lease payment, the scenario turns into total libido-driven mayhem Starring - Seka, Serena, Lisa DeLeeuw, Hillary Summers, Eileen Wells, Johnny Keyes, Mike Ranger, Aubrey Nichols, Jamie Gillis, Gail Sterling and more.

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