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Sex Bizarre

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SEX BIZARRE Wet Sex Retro Porn Magazines by COLOR CLIMAX

Please take a look at our selection of SEX BIZARRE by COLOR CLIMAX Wet Sex Retro Porn Magazines. Sex Bizarre mags are stuffed with really trashy sluts... that pee in public, show their wet cunts eagerly, have their tiny assholes stuffed, and generally fuck their brains out making Golden showers or Bukkake. You won't forget these Bizarre Girls very easily... THE WORLD FAMOUS WET SEX MAGAZINE.

SEX BIZARRE Porn Magazines Gallery :

SEX BIZARRE magazines
SEX BIZARRE color climax

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Attention !! Besides from the SEX BIZARRE by COLOR CLIMAX Wet Sex Retro Porn Magazines listed ; those numbers are also available right now : 3 - 5 - 14 - 34 (Vintage Wetsex) - 39 (Busty Micaela takes a Golden Shower) - 48 (German porno star Jasmin Duran pissing) - 50 - 60 - 62 - 66 (Kathy Cash wet sex pics) - 78 - 79 - 80 - Bizarre Sex 4. We will list them as soon as possible. Contact us for priority listing or any emergency SEX BIZARRE need

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About SEX BIZARRE Porn Magazines :

The key to success of SEX BIZARRE is quality extreme sex pictures,... as any other CCC serie SEX BIZARRE had many Famous European & Amercian PornStars such as Tiny TOVE in Sex Bizarre 47, Solange in Sex Bizarre 46, Jannie Neilson, Gina Colany in SB 61, Dru Berrymore..

Sex Bizarre porn magazines by Color Climax Corporation : Erotic Magazines devoted to pissing but there're fucking too - those will make you breathless with some exceptional close ups of lovely pussies and plenty more to turn you on ; such as those wet sex pictorials : Piss and champagne : 3 color climax girls and 2 men are determined to have a really good time, the champagne flows like water and they grow randier and randier ; then another type of costly liquids begins to flow: PISS! One girl urinates all over the others and this starts a watersport party. Party pissing : Two color climax beauties lie on a bed discussing their last orgy. One girl had pissed in her partner's face while he licked her clit. At the same time the other guy pissed in his girlfriend's face. Wet Sex Tet : a game of "Blind Man's Buff" progresses to some cock sucking, then the piss begins to spurl. All the lovely color climax models really love it, as the men piss over their mouths and cunts. One couple get pissed on as they fuck, and one lucky guy gets showered from head to toe. And as one girl engages in a little lesbianism, she and her companion get a golden shower too.

The Sex Bizarre porn magazines history : Wet Sex (Urolagnia) was a a very special subject that tought to be limited in its appeal, that's until Color Climax Corporation published the first issue of SEX BIZARRE in 1970. Surprisely letters from porn magazines collectors floaded, collectors wanted more, nobody realized that there were so many collectors who liked to spice their reading with something out of the ordinary. In response color climax decided to add SEX BIZARRE to their list of permanent titels. The success of SEX BIZARRE 1 was the beginning of a "golden era" for devotees of urine. To begin with, the magazines were small format 32 pages issues, this was mainly due to the fact that it was very difficult to find models who were willing to get "juicy" in front of the camera. In order to keep up with porn magazines collectors insatiable thirst for more of their favourite beverage, CCC made the contents of SEX BIZARRE hotter and wetter with every issue... To all porn magazines collectors who have not tried the delights of an amber shower or the taste of a mouthful of recycled Champagne, SEX BIZARRE will satisfy more than just your curiosity : it is depraved and different.

SEX BIZARRE Porn magazines have been collectibles for years. ...we have 100s of them from the Mid 1970's through number 78, so If your Big Bro didn't leave any SEX BIZARRE in your attic, Yurmag.Com is the place to go.

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Extreme Humiliation

Buyers Comments :

Terry from Canada wrote us :

yurmag, Man I so did not know retro porn had pissing in it. I figured everyone hid in their toilets for that in that age! Guess I am wrong. I got the issue you sent me of Sex Bizarre issue 2. That girl pissing in a goblet was hot and man the rest of it in there was explicit. I gotta say this was some of the best porn I have seen and I will order again! Thanks Terry

Dear Terry, Yes danish retro porn covered a lot of areas and yes it is very explicit and high quality. Color Climax had some really outrageous titles (for the era) and our customers always seem happy when they see them! I am glad to hear you liked them and we will look forward to hearing from you again!

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