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Tiny Tove Sex Story

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Tiny TOVE Sex Story : TOVE in the CAR

Earlier i was driving through a town in central Europe, rubbing my cock through my shorts as i was going down this 4 lane road. Eventually I get hard enough that I put my dick through my boxers and shorts, setting my throbbing rod free. I see a jeep cherokee with two young ladies - color climax porn star Tiny TOVE & her friend CHRISTA - come up on my left side, so i lift my pelvic area up, raising my hot rod high enough for TOVE to catch a glimpse. I notice she sees my package and Tiny TOVE immediately gets this "oh shit" surprised look on her face and turns to her friend, who then leans over and looks out the window to take a peak. We come up to a stop light and Tove & Christa are right up next to me, and as I take a drink of water I notice Tiny TOVE is motioning for me to masturbate my cock. I start stroking my cock as Tove watches, giggling with excitement. This proceeds through a few more traffic lights, when she flashed me her fabulous breasts, which made me ever hotter. Unfortunately they turned left at the next stop light, but Mrs. Tove JENSEN made sure to take another look before turning! Gotta love playing around on the road.

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